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AMD's Fusion Channel Partner program offers Select, Premier and Elite tiers. Partners are categorized by business models and goals.

Vendor Name: Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
Vendor URL: www.amd.com
Location: San Jose, CA
Annual Revenue: FY 2006: $1.6 billion
Program Name: Fusion Partner Program
Product/Technology: Processors/CPUs/Motherboards/chipsets
Channel Executive: David Kenyon
Phone or email contact: http://www.amd.com
Program Description: AMD consolidated six channel programs into the Fusion Channel Partner program, simplifying the way in which partners do business with the company and making it easier for smaller partners to join. The program offers Select, Premier and Elite tiers. Partners are no longer categorized by which products they sell and how much they sell but instead grouped into tiers and tracks according to their business model and goals. AMD also increased market development funds, boosted incentives and added an online portal. The Fusion Partner Program has about 10,000 members.
Web Page: http:// http://sites.amd.com/fpp/Pages/fppWorldWide.aspx

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