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The F5 Advantage Partner Program is intended for well-established, financially-stable businesses with extensive sales experience and clients who are likely to be interested in F5’s products and services.

Vendor Name: F5 Networks
Vendor URL: www.f5.com 
Location: Seattle, Washington
Annual Revenue: FY 2009: $653.1 million
Program Name: F5 Advantage Partner Program
Product/Technology: Hardware/Networking
Phone or email contact:www.f5.com/partners/apply/ 
Program Description: The F5 Advantage Partner Program has three tiers: Authorized, Premier, and Gold. All partners must start at the first level and work their way up by meeting certain requirements. Authorized partners can enjoy basic benefits such as access to all of F5’s products through a distributor and a subscription to F5’s custom newsletter, while partners that reach the Gold level get excellent margins, sales leads, and use of the Gold Advantage Partner logo.
Web Page: www.f5.com/partners/

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