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Data Domain

Designed for resellers, software integrators, and companies that offer hardware or software solutions, the Data Domain Channel Partner Program can help company owners expand their business and boost profits.

Vendor Name: Data Domain, Inc.
Vendor URL: www.datadomain.com 
Location: Santa Clara, California
Annual Revenue: FY 2008: $274 million
Program Name: Data Domain Channel Partner Program
Product/Technology: Storage
Phone or email contact: www.datadomain.com/partners/channel-signup.html 
Program Description: Resellers, software integrators, and hardware and software solutions providers will benefit most from Data Domain’s program. The program is designed to help business owners create cost savings and improve operational efficiencies for customers. Data Domain’s partner program offers several perks, including assistance with identifying sales opportunities and developing strategies to present Data Domain solutions to customers, as well as access to product collateral, sales tools, and training. Data Domain also puts partners in direct contact with a committed support team to help address customers’ storage challenges and speed up the sales process.
Web Page: www.datadomain.com/partners/program.html

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