Gartner: Tablet Sales to Double in 2012

[April 27, 2012] Researcher projects by 2015 enterprises will account for 35 percent of tablet sales worldwide.

CEOs Skittish About 2012, Gartner Says

[April 27, 2012] Researcher’s executive survey shows CEOs expect an economic downturn in 2012, face challenges balancing growth and costs.

Microsoft Pays $1.1 Billion for 800 AOL Patents

[April 17, 2012] Non-exclusive deal includes licensing 300 additional patents and patent applications.

IDC: Global Q1 2012 PC Shipments Slightly Better Than Expected

[April 16, 2012] HP leads, Lenovo units jump 43 percent to pass Dell and Acer for second place. HDD constraints still impact market.

Gartner: Personal Cloud Soon to Nudge PCs from Digital Center Stage

[April 09, 2012] Researcher predicts that in two years cloud services will offer business users device flexibility driven by consumer preferences, virtualization, new applications, individual clouds and mobility.

Changing Consumer Preferences Confront Microsoft, PC Makers With New Challenges, IDC Says

[March 29, 2012] Final global PC shipment data for 2011 shows 1.8 percent uptick, expected 5 percent growth in 2012.

Gartner: Global PC Shipments to See Lukewarm 4 Percent Uptick in 2012

[March 29, 2012] Researcher projects weak PC shipments through 2012, as market shifts to tablets and smartphones.

Cloud Computing Will Create 14 Million New Jobs Worldwide by 2015, Says Microsoft Study

[March 28, 2012] An estimated $1 trillion in cloud-related revenue to drive business investment and job growth.

IT Skills Gap Encumbers Productivity, Profitability, Operations, CompTIA Study Says

[March 19, 2012] Lack of training resource to optimize new technology negatively affects productivity, customer service, security and profitability.

Businesses Slow to Adopt Formal Mobility Policies, CompTIA Study Finds

[March 09, 2012] U.S. survey of 500 U.S.-based business and IT professionals shows evolving corporate guidelines dominated by security and management issues.

Juniper Report: Mobile Malware Rising Rapidly

[February 24, 2012] Vendor’s 2011 Mobile Threats Report shows 155 percent spike in mobile malware across multiple devices. Android malware jumps 3,325 percent from June to end of year.

Count iPads and Apple Tops HP for PCs, Researcher Says

[February 16, 2012] Canalys figures 15 million iPads and 5 million Macs shipped in Q4 2011 make Apple #1.

Gartner: Global IT 2012 Budgets Flat, Analytics Top Technology Priority

[January 23, 2012] In survey of 2,300 CIOs enterprise growth tops business goals, 61 percent plan to improve mobile, many using technology to improve customer experience.

Mobile Shopping Sales Doubled in December 2011 From Last Year, IBM Data Says

[January 19, 2012] Vendor’s Benchmark holiday report reveals Apple’s iPad and IPhone drove strong online retail sales.

Gartner Trims Global IT Spending Forecast for 2012

[January 17, 2012] Researcher predicts worldwide IT spending at a 3.7 percent increase, revising earlier forecast of 4.6 percent growth.

Gartner: Q4 Global PC Shipments Slide 1.4 Percent, Flat for 2011 Overall

[January 14, 2012] HP’s Q4 PC shipments dip 16 percent but vendor retains top spot for period and year. Low consumer demand blamed for sluggish industry performance.

Worldwide PC Microprocessor Sales Jump 16 Percent in Q3 2011

[December 23, 2011] Researcher IDC figures show worldwide PC microprocessor revenue rose 16.1 percent, units edged up 5.2 percent in Q3 2011 compared to the same period last year.

Gartner: 2011 Worldwide Semiconductor Revenue Flat

[December 23, 2011] Economy slows equipment and semiconductor orders in 2011 after fast start to year, researcher says.

Gartner Sees Clear Sailing for Apple iPad Through 2014

[November 04, 2011] Researcher forecasts iPad market share at 73 percent in 2011, holding more than 50 percent of the segment through 2014.

SaaS Revenue to Top $12 Billion, Grow 21 Percent, in 2011

[July 18, 2011] Gartner projects worldwide SaaS revenue to reach $21 billion by 2015.

Media Tablet Sales Tumble 28 Percent in Q1 2011

[July 18, 2011] IDC revises forecast for year upward to 53 million units despite quarterly slip in shipments.

IDC: Cloud Server Revenue to Reach $9.4 Billion by 2015

[July 18, 2011] Public cloud server revenue projected at $3.6 billion, private cloud at $5.8 billion worldwide by 2015, researcher says.

Global IT Spending 2011 Projections Revised Upward to $3.7 Trillion

[July 11, 2011] Researcher Gartner expects 7.1 percent uptick in worldwide IT spending for 2011, up from prior 5.6 percent estimates.

Gartner Pegs Android Global Smartphone OS Market Leader by 2012

[April 24, 2011] Researcher forecasts 58 percent increase in worldwide smartphone sales to 48 million units in 2011.

Businesses Taking Green IT More Seriously, Study Shows

[April 24, 2011] Industry association CompTIA survey points to expected five-fold increase in green IT as organizational priority by 2013.


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