CompTIA: Telecom, Solution Provider Partnerships Drive Revenue

Study shows IT solution providers show significant sales boosts from teaming with telecoms.

Collaborations with telecom agents are yielding huge sales increases, as much as 74 percent of total sales over a 12-month period, for some IT value-added resellers, solution providers and managed service providers, according to a new study commissioned by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), an IT industry trade association.

IT solution providers typically form partnerships with telecoms to sell carrier services but emerging technologies are presenting more opportunities to work together, said Carolyn April, CompTIA director, industry analysis.

“Significant change, such as the emergence of cloud computing, is impacting the channels of both the IT and telecom worlds,” she said. “These changes are sparking new partnerships among unlikely pairs while at the same time inviting new and different types of competitors to the field.”

The study, which was jointly conducted with Channel Partners, revealed that 43 percent of IT solution providers generated between half and three-quarters of their sales in the last 12 months from partnerships with telecoms, CompTIA said.

As for telecom agents, 20 percent said that they gained more than 50 percent of their sales in the last year from associations IT solution providers, according to the study’s findings.

“These positive results speak to the increasing convergence between traditional IT product and service models and the world of telecom services,” said April.

More than 80 percent of telecom agents in the study said that partnerships with IT solution providers were prompted by the need for new customers and for new revenue sources, while two-thirds of channel partner participants pointed to customer demand for services as the main driver.

Factors such as effective communications, lead generation, technical capabilities, marketing support and knowledge of emerging technologies, including cloud computing and unified communications, contribute to successful associations, officials said.

Survey data was collected from interviews held in January, 2012 with 100 IT VARs, solution providers and managed service providers, and, separately, with 100 telecom master agents.

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