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CompTIA: Telecom, Solution Provider Partnerships Drive Revenue

[April 09, 2012] Study shows IT solution providers show significant sales boosts from teaming with telecoms.

Verizon Bids $1.4 Billion in Cloud Play for Terremark

[January 31, 2011] Deal expected to catalyze Verizon’s “Everything-as-a-Service” strategy. Terremark will operate as wholly-owned subsidiary, retain name and current management.

Qualcomm Offers $3.1 Billion for Communications Chip Maker Atheros

[January 06, 2011] Mobile technology vendor bids $45 a share in smartphone and tablet play.

Feds Award $1.8B for 94 Broadband Projects

[August 20, 2010] About 75 percent of $7.2 billion in federal broadband funding now awarded. Grants and loans targeted to expand high speed Internet access and adoption, including infrastructure builds and public safety projects.

Agriculture Dept. Doles Out $1.2 Billion for 126 Broadband Projects

[August 06, 2010] Second round Recovery Act funding plus $117 million in private investment totals $1.31 billion for broadband infrastructure projects in 38 states and tribal areas.

Government OKs $1 Billion for 66 Broadband Projects

[July 06, 2010] Second round Recovery Act funds high-speed Internet access for businesses, health care facilities and schools in hard hit communities nationwide.

Federal Government To Add 500 MHz of Wireless Spectrum

[June 29, 2010] Plans to double wireless capacity in next 10 years, legislation and incentives needed to drive transition.

FCC Broadband Vote Draws Renewed Ire From Providers

[June 21, 2010] Agency issues Notice of Inquiry for public comment on broadband reclassification plan, strategy to expand high-speed Internet access to millions.

FCC Gives Nod to Frontier's $8 Billion Verizon Deal For Rural Telephone Lines

[May 27, 2010] Commission says Frontier pledges to extend broadband, deploy fiber to hospitals and libraries, and create jobs.

Google Bids $68 Million For VoIP Provider

[May 19, 2010] Deal is vendor’s third VoIP-related acquisition in last 10 months.

FCC Wants More Control Over Broadband Transmission

[May 09, 2010] Proposes to reclassify broadband as telecommunications service but backs away from control over content, pricing, applications, services, e-commerce.

Undeterred FCC Set To Unleash Ambitious Broadband Agenda

[April 12, 2010] Vows Comcast court decision won’t prevent it from enacting plans and meeting policy goals.

Thousands Respond to Google Fast Broadband Invite

[April 03, 2010] Search giant says people are "hungry for better and faster Internet access."

Can't We All Just Communicate?

[January 30, 2008] At DEMO, new products and services use the Web to advance communications.

Fonality Partners with Dell for Turnkey VoIP

[January 23, 2008] Customized hardware/software bundle will support businesses with as many as 150 phone users.

VoIP Vulnerabilities Get Star Billing in Report

[January 18, 2008] Predicting top five threats for 2008, Sipera Systems advises 'heightened awareness' of potential perils.

Mobile Meets Internet in 2008

[December 28, 2007] Internet devices, open systems and more secure social networks on tap.

Apple Explores Wireless Commerce, Microsoft-Like DRM

[December 28, 2007] The PC maker builds on in-store MP3 purchasing at Starbucks, while also embracing a patent similar to the controversial Windows Genuine Advantage.

WAN Optimization Market Booming

[December 27, 2007] Survey finds quarterly revenues for appliances are almost double what they were a year ago, with even greater growth ahead.

The Sprint To IPv6

[December 19, 2007] As the federal mandate looms the national carrier is ramping up.

Fibre Channel Over Ethernet Goes Open Source

[December 18, 2007] Is FCoE the end of traditional Fibre Channel?

Coalition Wants TV 'White Spaces' For Broadband

[December 13, 2007] The Google-backed Wireless Innovation Alliance calls for the FCC to open up the gaps between existing television channels for Internet use.

BPL Gains Momentum But Roadblocks Remain

[December 13, 2007] Broadband over powerline (BPL) network equipment shipments doubled this year but several factors are keeping the technology largely in check.

Alcatel-Lucent Shift: Web Services Security

[December 10, 2007] New strategy and appliance aims to make Alcatel a player in security.

In-Flight E-mail, IM Service Takes Wing From JetBlue

[December 08, 2007] Free value-add will support Yahoo Mail and IM, and Wi-Fi-equipped Blackberry models -- but no Web.


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