IBM Refines Strategy For Virtualization With Integrated Service Management

Announces plan at Pulse 2010 conference to help clients improve control of their network environments, focuses on consolidation, management, automation and optimized delivery.

IBM Corp. said it has refined its approach for optimizing the benefits of virtualization with integrated management software to help clients improve control of their network environments by honing in on four key areas, namely, consolidation, management, automation and optimized delivery.

The vendor framed its strategy for virtualization with integrated service management at its Pulse 2010 conference in Las Vegas, NV.

IBM believes that central to managing an expected wave of digital data and connected devices in the next few years is uniting virtualization with integrated service management software to provide visibility, control and automation of the data center, IT design and delivery, and physical assets.

In referencing data from researcher International Data Corp. that projects the market size for virtualization related ecosystem to reach nearly $50 billion by 2013, the vendor said that it supports an all-inclusive view of data center virtualization to include servers, storage, networking, software and services.

The increasing complexity of the data center is prompting a higher need to “establish good practices of integrated service management,” which results in improved service, lower costs and better risk management, said Helene Armitage, general manager, IBM System Software.

IBM said that the backdrop to its thinking is the evolving sophistication of the data center. The volume of digital data continues to expand, with estimates of a tenfold increase in the five-year period through 2011 and more than one trillion Internet-connected devices.

In addition, the data center’s boundaries are expanding past IT assets to include physical assets containing intelligent technology such as building facilities, water mains and office equipment.

“By offering a cohesive portfolio to manage an infrastructure, IBM is helping clients create the infrastructure for smarter buildings, cities, utilities, offices, transportation systems and operations in every industry around the world,” Armitage said.

Steps for virtualization with integrated service management, new products and services

IBM said that its four key steps for virtualization and integrated service management are “hypervisor neutrality,” to help clients avoid getting locked into a hypervisor software vendor; a “single pane of glass” view of the virtualized infrastructure to allow management of the IT infrastructure with a common set of user interfaces; “data center autopilot,” or automation to allow systems, storage and networking technologies to dynamically sense and respond to peaks and other shifts in workload demands; and, a path to the cloud, or optimized delivery, to allow accessing of business data from applications or services when and where it is needed.

At its Pulse 2010 conference, IBM unleashed a slew of new offerings, which it called “building blocks to help clients transform their businesses and offer new intelligent products and services to customers.”

Included among the industry solutions for integrated service management are specific solutions for advanced water management and a real time asset locator for aerospace, energy and utilities, healthcare and manufacturing; two new solution experience labs to help clients manage security risk with deploying smart meters; an asset management software solution to manage an entire portfolio of buildings into a consolidated location.

Accordingly, IBM partners Johnson Controls and Ricoh said they are working with the vendor to deliver solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of intelligent buildings, facilities and offices.

The Tennessee Valley Authority and Galveston Labs said they are working with IBM to create smarter buildings at world-class facilities that require high levels of precision and maintenance.

IBM also said that it has acquired Intelliden, a provider of intelligent network automation software, to build out its portfolio of integrated service management products and services.

Integrated service management solutions for design and delivery include pre-integrated hardware, software and services fit-for-purpose cloud workload compute platform.

The vendor also said it has more than 1,800 ready-to-deploy solutions, integrations of leadings business partner products with IBM software solutions that address industry-specific and customer needs, available in the IBM Tivoli Open Process Automation Library.

IBM also announced a new information archive for integrated service management for the data center that enables policy-driven management of information across its lifecycle.

The vendor also rolled out a new Tivoli image manager for physical and virtual images, a security incident and event manager, and new storage management offerings.

“As the world becomes more instrumented, the growth of digital and physical data creates vast opportunities for organizations that integrate and interconnect these once disparate areas and assert control and accountability over all pieces of the business, whether in the data center or an oil field,” said Al Zollar, general manager, IBM Tivoli software.

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