Google Docs Will Allow Users To Upload And Store Any File Type In The Cloud

Offers ability to upload all file types to the cloud through Google Docs, access from any device.

January 14, 2010

D.H. Kass

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Google Inc. intends to implement enhancements to Google Docs, its free online suite of office productivity applications, in the next few weeks that will allow customers to upload, store and organize all types of files in Google Docs and access them from any computing device, according to Vijay Bangaru, a Google Docs product manager.

Bangaru posted in two blog entries that users will be able to upload to Google Docs any file not exceeding 250 MB in size rather than emailing files to themselves as was previously required.

“Because Google Docs now supports files up to 250 MB in size, which is larger than the attachment limit on most email applications, you’ll be able to backup large graphics file, Raw photos, Zip archives and much more to the cloud,” he wrote.

Bangaru suggested that with the enhanced Google Docs file size users might be able to dispense with their USB drive formerly reserved for large files too big to send by email.

In addition, Google now is offering users 1 GB of free storage for files not converted to the Google Docs format. Additional storage can be purchased for 25 cents per GB per year.

Google previously has provided users with online file storage at no charge.

Bangaru said that Google Docs will enable teams of users to more readily collaborate on files using shared project folders.

“For example, if you are in a club or PTA working on large graphic files for posters or a newsletter, you can upload them to a shared folder for collaborators to view, download and print,” he said.

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