IBM Debuts Software Platform for Government Applications

Agencies use framework to build unique solutions for specific issues

November 11, 2009

D.H. Kass

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IBM Corp. recently took the wraps off a software platform that paves the way for developers, channel partners and customers to readily build solutions to address issues specific to government agencies.

The platform is the ninth installment in a series of what IBM calls Industry Frameworks, software backbones intended to help customers bridge the gap between general purpose middleware and business applications designed to address particular issues.

The government framework, which is based on industry standards, not only facilitates third party development specific to certain industries but also makes it easier for technologies from different agencies to operate together.

IBM said it constructed its Government Industry Framework to facilitate the development of applications that hone in on key issues faced by government agencies, such as tax and revenue management, public safety and border security, access to health and human services, upgrading urban infrastructures, and improving transportation systems.

The government framework contains tools to drill down on those key issues.

“IBM has decades of experience working with various government entities worldwide and understands the need for a unified approach that helps maximize limited budgets, while meeting a demand for services that has never been greater,” said Gerry Mooney, IBM general manager for global government and education.

“We are bringing that expertise to a single integrated platform that can now connect different agency teams for real-time views that span the entire government structure, allowing for a quicker, more targeted response as situations of all kinds emerge.”

IBM said that applications based on the platform can leverage its entire spectrum of software--including WebSphere, Rational, Tivoli, Lotus and Information management products—and its server and storage offerings.

A social services agency in Alameda, CA, said it is using the IBM government framework as the foundation for a solution that identifies fraud within its system, an effort that could save $11 million by improving its ability to determine eligibility, manage non-compliance and deter false claims.

“For the first time, we can see into our client activities to help them meet our federal, state and county rules for receiving benefits, or redirect funds to families that need our help much more rapidly,” said Don Edwards, deputy agency director, Alameda Social Services Agency.

IBM program validates government application solution providers

A related IBM program called the Industry Framework Business Partner Validation Program for Government lends the vendor’s stamp of approval to third-party solution providers building applications on the government platform.

The vendor already has validated Curam Software Ltd., a Herndon, VA-based provider of applications for social enterprises, including health and human services, workforce services and social security organizations.

Curam’s social services application provides innovative functions for case management and eligibility, a self-service public portal, and a management solution that integrates information and processes across various government agencies.

“By coupling our market leading, citizen-centric solution for social services with IBM's flexible technology backbone, agencies will finally have access to a solution that is easy to start, easy to manage & secure, and easy to grow," said Ernie Connon, Curam's president.

"Curam Software is one of the first software providers for social services to be validated on our new Government Industry Framework," said Lonne Jaffe, IBM director of public sector solutions.

"Curam's commercial off-the-shelf solution for social services, built on top of IBM's framework, provides social services agencies with technology that is instrumented to empower field workers, interconnected across agencies and intelligent."

In addition to its government framework, IBM’s industry software platforms include banking, chemical and petroleum health, insurance, product development, retail, service and energy.

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