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Microsoft Sues Reseller for Bogus SQL Server Scam

[August 31, 2010] Microsoft goes all out to nail a retailer it claims is playing bait-and-switch with customers' orders for its database software, providing unlicensed software and keeping the allegedly illegal profits. Read More...

Tags: Microsoft , software , piracy , lawsuit , fraud

Illegal Online Software Sales Draw Fire

[December 15, 2008] Industry trade group files suit against software sellers on three web sites in a move to stop alleged software pirates. Read More...

Tags: Amazon , Microsoft , software , piracy

Microsoft Moves Against Alleged Channel Piracy

[June 11, 2008] Microsoft Corp. has filed 21 lawsuits in federal court in 14 states against resellers the company alleges engaged in selling pirated software, including some alleged repeat offenders. Microsoft claimed the companies misled customers by repeatedly distributing unlicensed copies of Microsoft software pre-installed on the PCs that they sold. Read More...

Tags: Windows , Microsoft , software , lawsuits , piracy

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