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Channel Vendors Expand Netbook Strategies

[January 13, 2009] Is the rise in netbook popularity a passing fad or a bonafide trend? After buying one, Managing Editor Al Senia becomes a convert. Read More...

Tags: Dell , netbooks , HP , CES , Acer

Apple Unfashionably Late to the Cloud Party

[November 11, 2008] Apple may be hip to the mobile and digital music scenes, but when it comes to the enterprise server room, it still doesn't get it. Read More...

Tags: Cloud , iPhone , netbooks , Mac , OS X

Channel Has A Lot Riding on Netbook-Smartphone Battle

[June 19, 2008] The real issue for VARs in this battle isn't which smartphone will win. Rather, it's whether subnotebooks can beat the smartphone at its own game. Major channel vendors such as Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Acer are preparing products for use by road warriors. Read More...

Tags: smartphones , Intel , netbooks , nVidia , VARs

Mini Notebooks Give XP A Second Life

[June 05, 2008] Mini Notebooks Give XP A Second Life Read More...

Tags: Windows XP , netbooks , embedded devices , mini notebooks

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