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Channel Has A Lot Riding on Netbook-Smartphone Battle

[June 19, 2008] The real issue for VARs in this battle isn't which smartphone will win. Rather, it's whether subnotebooks can beat the smartphone at its own game. Major channel vendors such as Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Acer are preparing products for use by road warriors. Read More...

Tags: smartphones , Intel , netbooks , nVidia , VARs

Channel Vendors Prepare to Introduce More Ultra-Small Notebooks

[June 05, 2008] Intel's Atom processor allows for more power in smaller footprint in new "netbooks". Computex trade show in Taiwan showcases new offerings from Acer and MicroStar; Dell, Lenovo and HP also more active in the space. New chips and graphics cards will benefit white-box resellers. Read More...

Tags: Microsoft , Intel , Notebook , nVidia

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