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Clearwire Rolls Out WiMAX Service in Oregon

[January 08, 2009] Service provider unveils its second "pure" WiMAX network in Portland. Service still must overcome technical and commercial obstacles. Read More...

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Wi-Fi Networks Growing in Number, Security

[October 29, 2008] Survey finds advanced encryption in play from enterprises to home networks, but gaps remain. Read More...

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Channel Should Prepare for A Wireless Broadband Boom

[May 30, 2008] Wireless broadband is jockeying to become a potential big moneymaker for the channel and for the U.S. economy as a whole. However, channel players still have to sort through a variety of wireless technologies. And the Federal Communications Commission may make the situation even more uncertain by considering a plan that would provide free high-speed Internet access to a large area of the U.S. within a few years. Read More...

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Philly Wi-Fi Experiment Goes Down in Flames

[May 13, 2008] Philly Wi-Fi Experiment Goes Down in Flames Read More...

Tags: Wi-Fi , Wimax , Internet access , municipal Wi-Fi , EarthLink

A 'SaaSy' Approach to Wireless Security

[May 10, 2008] AirTight is wagering that its software-as-a-service approach can help enterprises lock down their Wi-Fi. Read More...

Tags: wireless , SaaS , Wi-Fi , policy

Can Google Save Wi-Fi?

[March 25, 2008] Can Google Save Wi-Fi?

Tags: Google , Wi-Fi

Intel Goes The Distance on Wi-Fi: 60 Miles

[March 21, 2008] Using 802.11x networking and some "secret sauce," it can stretch wireless connectivity -- helping remote communities get online. Read More...

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Enterprise Fixed-Mobile Convergence Can Be Lucrative for Channel

[March 11, 2008] FMC has opened the mobile communications market to channel partners. Here's how to target the enterprise with a smart strategy. Read More...

Tags: wireless , Wi-Fi , Enterprise , PBX , FMC

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