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Westcon Adds Brocade SAN Technology to Data Center Lineup

[July 17, 2011] Distribution agreement rounds out end-to-end data center strategy, builds on prior IP/Ethernet deal. Read More...

Tags: data center , SAN , Brocade , channel partner , Westcon

Scale Plays for HP Storage Resellers with Free Training and Financial Incentives

[June 29, 2011] Storage vendor tries turn HP’s new enterprise storage authorization in its favor with inducements to channel partners to switch. Read More...

Tags: HP , SAN , channel partner , Scale Computing , Storage

Global Q3 Total Disk Storage Systems Market Balloons to $7 Billion

[December 07, 2010] Segment grew 18.5 percent in Q3 compared to last year, researcher IDC says. External disk storage systems market posted 19 percent increase to about $5.2 billion for fourth highest quarterly revenue on record. Read More...

Tags: SAN , IDC , NAS , disk storage , Storage

Can Storage Fabrics Offer Security?

[September 24, 2008] Security is becoming an increasingly important part of storage fabrics, judging by recent announcements from Cisco and Brocade. Read More...

Tags: Cisco , SAN , Brocade , VTL , Storage

Networks: The Crux of Tomorrow's Datacenter

[August 06, 2008] Perhaps Scott McNealy was right when he said "the network is the computer" all those years ago, and the next generation of datacenters will bear that out. Read More...

Tags: virtualization , datacenter , networks , Cisco , SAN

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