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Recycler Says Laptops, Notebook Replacement Up 62 Percent in Favor of Tablets

[January 27, 2011] Recycler Says Laptops, Notebook Replacement Up 62 Percent in Favor of Tablets Read More...

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Global PC Shipments Will Jump 19 Percent in 2010, Lag in Second Half of Year, Researcher Says

[September 01, 2010] Gartner lowers to 15.3 percent PC unit shipment growth forecast for Q3/Q4 2010, blames uncertain economy in mature markets. Read More...

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Dell's Laptop Revamp Targets Business Customers

[August 14, 2008] Dell, which has aggressively moved sales through the channel during the last year in an effort to grow its market share, has introduced four new lines of Latitude and Precision notebook computers aimed at a wide variety of business users, featuring advancements in power management and security. Read More...

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Channel Vendors Prepare to Introduce More Ultra-Small Notebooks

[June 05, 2008] Intel's Atom processor allows for more power in smaller footprint in new "netbooks". Computex trade show in Taiwan showcases new offerings from Acer and MicroStar; Dell, Lenovo and HP also more active in the space. New chips and graphics cards will benefit white-box resellers. Read More...

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Here Comes the Asus 'Freee PC'

[June 04, 2008] Still saving your pennies to buy a computer? Forget about it -- they're about to be free. It's a wonderful time to be a nerdy cheapskate. Read More...

Tags: mobility , Notebook , hardware , asus

HP's Profit Picture Restores Channel's Shine

[February 22, 2008] HP's Profit Picture Restores Channel's Shine Read More...

Tags: services , server , HP , Notebook , desktop , channel , resellers , Storage

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