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Global Q3 Total Disk Storage Systems Market Balloons to $7 Billion

[December 07, 2010] Segment grew 18.5 percent in Q3 compared to last year, researcher IDC says. External disk storage systems market posted 19 percent increase to about $5.2 billion for fourth highest quarterly revenue on record. Read More...

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Hitachi Data Systems-National University of Singapore

[April 14, 2010] When the Centre for Quantum Technologies was established in 2007, it needed an advanced laboratory with an IT system that would allow high speed information to be captured and data collected by researchers to be shared. To make this state-of-the-art IT system a reality, the CQT had to overcome numerous challenges. The system would need to support data intensive research applications, cope with peaks in utilization and data generation, and support up to 200 quantum information users. Read More...

Tags: NAS , vendor , high performance , researchers , high speed

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