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Worldwide PC Microprocessor Sales Jump 16 Percent in Q3 2011

[December 23, 2011]

Researcher IDC figures show worldwide PC microprocessor revenue rose 16.1 percent, units edged up 5.2 percent in Q3 2011 compared to the same period last year.


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Global Q4 PC Microprocessor Shipments Sluggish But Annual Totals Up

[February 28, 2011] Researcher IDC reports flat year-over-year and sequential performance for Q4 2010 but yearly totals show 17 percent growth in shipments and 27 percent increase in revenue. Read More...

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Global Q3 Shipments of PC Microprocessors Climbs Nearly 9 Percent, Revenue Up 24 Percent

[November 13, 2010] Researcher IDC says OEMs quick to cut orders at any sign of slowing end customer demand. Points to slower than average quarterly sequential increases. Also forecasts tablets to impede but not stop mini notebook growth. Read More...

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Global PC Microprocessor Shipments, Revenue Improving

[August 26, 2010] Researcher IDC’s Q2 2010 data shows a sequential 3.6 percent bump in unit shipments and a 6.2 percent jump in revenues compared to the prior quarter. Strong first half performance may yield to late summer weakness. Read More...

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Intel, FTC Tentatively Settle Antitrust Dispute

[August 06, 2010] Agreement resolves charges that chip maker illegally impeded competition, frames future competitive behavior. Read More...

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Global PC Processor Q1 2010 Shipments Jump 39 Percent

[May 07, 2010] Shipments, revenue show sequential decline from Q4 2009 but less than expected. Read More...

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