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Gartner: Tablet Sales to Double in 2012

[April 27, 2012]

Researcher projects by 2015 enterprises will account for 35 percent of tablet sales worldwide.


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CEOs Skittish About 2012, Gartner Says

[April 27, 2012]

Researcher’s executive survey shows CEOs expect an economic downturn in 2012, face challenges balancing growth and costs.


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Gartner: Personal Cloud Soon to Nudge PCs from Digital Center Stage

[April 09, 2012]

Researcher predicts that in two years cloud services will offer business users device flexibility driven by consumer preferences, virtualization, new applications, individual clouds and mobility.


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Gartner: Global PC Shipments to See Lukewarm 4 Percent Uptick in 2012

[March 29, 2012]

Researcher projects weak PC shipments through 2012, as market shifts to tablets and smartphones.


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Gartner: Global IT 2012 Budgets Flat, Analytics Top Technology Priority

[January 23, 2012]

In survey of 2,300 CIOs enterprise growth tops business goals, 61 percent plan to improve mobile, many using technology to improve customer experience.


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Gartner Trims Global IT Spending Forecast for 2012

[January 17, 2012]

Researcher predicts worldwide IT spending at a 3.7 percent increase, revising earlier forecast of 4.6 percent growth.


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Gartner: Q4 Global PC Shipments Slide 1.4 Percent, Flat for 2011 Overall

[January 14, 2012]

HP’s Q4 PC shipments dip 16 percent but vendor retains top spot for period and year. Low consumer demand blamed for sluggish industry performance.


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Gartner: 2011 Worldwide Semiconductor Revenue Flat

[December 23, 2011]

Economy slows equipment and semiconductor orders in 2011 after fast start to year, researcher says.


Tags: Intel , Texas Instruments , AMD , Samsung , semiconductor , Gartner

Gartner Sees Clear Sailing for Apple iPad Through 2014

[November 04, 2011]

Researcher forecasts iPad market share at 73 percent in 2011, holding more than 50 percent of the segment through 2014.


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Gartner Projects 42 percent of PCs Worldwide Will Run Windows 7 in 2011

[September 12, 2011] Researcher Expects 94 percent of new PCs will ship with Windows 7 by year’s end. Read More...

Tags: operating system , Microsoft , Windows 7 , Gartner , Apple Computer

SaaS Revenue to Top $12 Billion, Grow 21 Percent, in 2011

[July 18, 2011] Gartner projects worldwide SaaS revenue to reach $21 billion by 2015. Read More...

Tags: cloud computing , SaaS , CRM , Gartner , revenue

Global IT Spending 2011 Projections Revised Upward to $3.7 Trillion

[July 11, 2011] Researcher Gartner expects 7.1 percent uptick in worldwide IT spending for 2011, up from prior 5.6 percent estimates. Read More...

Tags: services , IT , Enterprise , Gartner , spending

Gartner Pegs Android Global Smartphone OS Market Leader by 2012

[April 24, 2011] Researcher forecasts 58 percent increase in worldwide smartphone sales to 48 million units in 2011. Read More...

Tags: Google , Android , Microsoft , smartphone , Gartner

Business Intelligence, Analytics, Performance Management Passed $10 Billion in Worldwide Sales for 2010, Gartner Says

[April 23, 2011] Segment leaps more than 13 percent from 2009 prodded by federal stimulus funds, better economy, larger projects and new products. Read More...

Tags: Oracle , SAP , business intelligence , analytics , Gartner

Media Tablets Expected to Propel Global IT Spending to $3.6 Trillion in 2011

[April 08, 2011] Researcher Gartner raises earlier forecast to project a 5.6 percent bump over 2010. Read More...

Tags: IT spending , Gartner , forecast , media tablet

Q4 2010 Global Server Shipments Rise 6 Percent, Revenue Climbs 16 Percent

[February 28, 2011] Researcher Gartner pegs full year 2010 worldwide shipments up 17 percent to 8.8 million units, revenue climbs 13 percent to $48.8 billion. Read More...

Tags: server , IBM , HP , x86 , Gartner

Business Intelligence Software Sales Expected to Reach Nearly $11 Billion in 2011

[February 28, 2011] Researcher Gartner’s enterprise software projection points to fast growing BI segment as an important business tool. Read More...

Tags: enterprise software , business intelligence , Gartner

Global Revenue from Mobile Application Store Downloads Could Top $15 Billion in 2011

[January 29, 2011] Global Revenue from Mobile Application Store Downloads Could Top $15 Billion in 2011 Read More...

Tags: developer , Microsoft , mobile , Apple , application , download , Gartner

Gartner: Global PC Shipments Total 351 Million Units in 2010, Gain 13.8 Percent, U.S. Q4 PC Market Slides Nearly 7 Percent

[January 17, 2011] Researcher counts 93.5 million PCs shipped during Q4 2010, driven by a business PC refresh cycle, still nearly two percent shy of expectations. HP, Acer PC shipments decline, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba gain for period. Read More...

Tags: PC , HP , Lenovo , Gartner , sales

Gartner: Global 2011 IT Spending To Reach $3.6 Trillion, Up 5.1 Percent

[January 14, 2011] Researcher raises earlier worldwide IT spending outlook, points to expected IT investments amid sluggish recovery but cautions IT spending could slip owing to unpredictable global economy. Read More...

Tags: telecom , enterprise software , IT spending , Gartner , computer hardware

Gartner: SIs and SPs to Take Prominent Role in Business Intelligence Delivery

[January 12, 2011] Researcher sees users accessing sophisticated business intelligence data from handhelds, strong upticks in the market for performance management and applied analytics and more involvement by channel players. Future BI deployments likely to include social media and collaboration solutions. Read More...

Tags: mobile , business intelligence , Gartner , service provider , system integrator

Global Enterprise Social Software Sales Could Reach $664 million in 2010, Researcher Says

[December 24, 2010] Revenue from segment expected to jump nearly 15 percent from last year and grow similarly next year. Read More...

Tags: software , Enterprise , Gartner , social

Tablet Growth Lowers Global PC Shipment Expectations

[November 30, 2010] Researcher Gartner cuts forecast for worldwide PC shipments for 2010 and 2011, pointing to slowed user demand and rising tablet sales. Read More...

Tags: PC , tablet , Gartner , forecast , media tablet

Tepid Growth Expected for 2011 Global Enterprise IT Spending, Researcher Says

[October 19, 2010] Gartner expects worldwide enterprise IT spending to grow 3 percent next year to $2.5 trillion. Researcher details drivers of IT business value to attendees at conference--points to cloud computing, social networking, wireless software and services, new modeling strategies. Read More...

Tags: cloud computing , wireless , IT spending , Enterprise , Gartner

Media Tablet Sales Worldwide Expected to Jump 181 Percent in 2011

[October 19, 2010] Researcher Gartner figures media tablet sales globally to end users will spike from 19.5 million units this year to 54.8 million units in 2011 and more than 208 million units in 2014. Points to Apple’s iPad as prime mover in segment. Read More...

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Global Enterprise Software Sales to Exceed $232 Billion for 2010

[September 24, 2010] Researcher Gartner points to replacement of aging systems, strong security market, and business needs for 4.5 percent increase in worldwide revenue. Read More...

Tags: software , enterprise software , Enterprise , Gartner

Worldwide Server Shipments Jump 27 Percent, Revenue Up 14 Percent in Q2 2010

[September 02, 2010] Researcher Gartner reports flat sequential performance but year-over-year 29 percent growth in x86 server shipments and 37 percent revenue boost for Q2. Unix servers decline by 16.5 percent in shipments and 8.8 percent in revenue for the period. Read More...

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Global PC Shipments Will Jump 19 Percent in 2010, Lag in Second Half of Year, Researcher Says

[September 01, 2010] Gartner lowers to 15.3 percent PC unit shipment growth forecast for Q3/Q4 2010, blames uncertain economy in mature markets. Read More...

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Global SaaS Enterprise Application Sales to Exceed $8.5 Billion in 2010

[July 23, 2010] Researcher Gartner figures SaaS revenue within enterprise application software market will bump up 14 percent over 2009, based on convergence with cloud computing models and diminished security and availability concerns among business customers. Read More...

Tags: cloud computing , SaaS , application , Enterprise , Gartner

Researcher Cuts Worldwide 2010 IT Spending Forecast

[July 03, 2010] Gartner expects 3.9 percent global IT spending growth, down from earlier 5.3 percent prediction. Blames slide in euro value. Read More...

Tags: software , IT , hardware , Enterprise , Gartner

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