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Internet Security A Growing Concern, Survey Finds

[January 06, 2009] VARs could benefit as large business users increasingly worry about inadequate web security solutions. Read More...

Tags: security , Firefox , Google , IBM , Mozilla

Google's Chrome Should Still Be In Beta

[December 12, 2008] Google has defied conventional practice in its development of Chrome. Read More...

Tags: browsers , Firefox , Google , Chrome , beta test

Why Exploitability is Key to Risk

[October 18, 2008]

Commentary: Even if it's not perfect, there's a lot to like about Microsoft's Exploitability Index.


Tags: security , Firefox , Microsoft , Internet Explorer , exploitability index

HP Expands Its Business Solutions Portfolio

[September 10, 2008] The vendor rolls out a new, green desktop line and a POS solution that are both aimed at the channel’s all-important SMB business space. Read More...

Tags: Firefox , services , Intel , HP , POS

Microsoft's IE8 Beta Sports New UI Features

[August 28, 2008] This release emphasizes the user experience, with new UI features, improved security and changes to the address bar and search function. Read More...

Tags: Firefox , Google , search , Microsoft , Internet Explorer

The Impact of Google's Virtual World

[July 10, 2008] Google's just-debuted virtual world is clunky right now, but expect it to grow into a monster success – and play a leading role in business as well a social networking. Read More...

Tags: Facebook , Firefox , Google , Vista , Internet Explorer

Apple Ends Safari 'Carpet Bombing' Threat

[June 21, 2008] Three weeks after public reports emerge, Apple fixes a critical Safari flaw. Read More...

Tags: browsers , Firefox , Microsoft , Apple , Safari

BeyondTrust Extends Vista Security

[May 07, 2008] Latest version of Privilege Manager aims to make implementing Vista security easier, transparent to end-users. Read More...

Tags: Windows , Firefox , Microsoft , Vista , policy

Firefox Update Tackles Pair of Critical Bugs

[March 26, 2008] Mozilla plugs holes while the march continues toward Firefox 3. Read More...

Tags: open source , authentication , security , Firefox , Mozilla

Microsoft Shows Off IE8, Developer Tools at Mix08

[March 06, 2008] Software giant serves up bunches of betas at its annual Web developer and designer confab. Read More...

Tags: Firefox , services , Microsoft , wireless , Internet Explorer

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