Tags : FTC

Intel, FTC Tentatively Settle Antitrust Dispute

[August 06, 2010] Agreement resolves charges that chip maker illegally impeded competition, frames future competitive behavior. Read More...

Tags: Intel , AMD , antitrust , FTC , microprocessor

Google to Purge Server Logs Twice as Fast

[September 10, 2008] In a nod to mounting privacy concerns, Google slashes the time it stores users' IP addresses. Read More...

Tags: Google , Microsoft , privacy , FTC , policy

Study Gives States Poor Marks on Cyber Crime

[August 13, 2008] Report from two policy institutes claims that state attorneys generally fail to prosecute Internet fraud allegations. Read More...

Tags: spam , cyber crime , FTC , phishing , spyware

Leaked Microsoft Docs: DoubleClick Deal Monopolistic

[December 29, 2007] Microsoft's arguments didn't deter the FTC from giving its approval, but will it be different with the EC? Read More...

Tags: Google , Microsoft , privacy , FTC , DoubleClick

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