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F5 Networks-Joyent

[March 24, 2010] Joyent is an open cloud computing vendor with more than 25,000 customers. The challenge Joyent was facing was that they needed to find a way to offer flexible, highly scalable open cloud computing that was also application aware. To do this, they needed to consider the core architecture of their cloud computing system. Read More...

Tags: company , on-demand , vendor , F5 , F5 Networks

F5 Networks-Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City

[March 24, 2010] Blue Cross Blue Shield was facing three site-related challenges. First, they wanted to improve the overall performance of their site by making it faster. Data security was another concern. Healthcare organizations in particular must take precautions to ensure networks are secure and confidential patient data is protected. Finally, the benefits provider wanted a scalable solution that would be able to accommodate increased traffic and new applications. Read More...

Tags: Web site , HIPAA , secure , insurance , F5

F5 Networks-American Internet Services

[February 15, 2010] The challenge AIS was facing was that they were receiving a substantial number of complaints from customers about slow e-mail delivery and spam messages. The company needed to find a solution that would speed up e-mail delivery and reduce the volume of spam that reached customer and employee in-boxes. Read More...

Tags: services , company , network , e-Mail , F5

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