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Xerox-Berlin Law Firm

[December 12, 2009] The Berlin Law Firm is a smaller firm located in Burbank, California. The California law office was facing several printing-related challenges. Most law offices have very high print volumes, and Berlin Law is no exception. In fact, lawyers here may go through several boxes of paper when preparing for a single case, something that can obviously put a strain on the office supplies budget. Read More...

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Xerox-The Catering Co

[December 12, 2009] Established in 1989, The Catering Co. is one of the top catering and event companies in Grand Rapids, Michigan. To secure new contracts and customers, The Catering Co. must produce proposals and marketing materials that showcase the work of chefs and distinguish them from the competition on an almost daily basis. The challenge the Michigan catering company was facing was that their black-and-white laser jet printer was unable to produce materials that would have a strong impact on potential customers. Read More...

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Xerox-Millennium Marketing Solutions

[December 12, 2009] Millennium Marketing Solutions is a Maryland company that helps clients market their products and services with postcards, brochures, advertisements, and other documents. The print industry is fiercely competitive, and companies like Millennium Marketing Solutions must stay on top of current technologies to meet client demands. Before implementing their new system, the company’s print volumes were growing rapidly. At the same time, customers were demanding faster turnaround times. Millennium realized they needed a solution that would allow them to automate and streamline their workflow to increase productivity. Read More...

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Visioneer-Piedmont Hospital

[November 28, 2009] The Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, is a 600-bed facility that provides a variety of healthcare services, including cancer services, emergency services, diabetes services, and spiritual care. Before implementing the Visioneer solution, Piedmont hospital staff would make copies of patients’ insurance and identification documents at registration. Photocopies of these documents were kept in the patient’s medical file at the hospital, and the information was eventually entered into the hospital’s database. Then, the business office would file insurance claims based on the information in the database. Unfortunately, claims were being rejected because information was being entered into the database incorrectly. Read More...

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