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Aladdin Knowledge Systems-Tiltan Engineering Systems Ltd.

[October 30, 2009] Serving an international customer base, Tiltan Systems Engineering Ltd. specializes in providing 2-D and 3-D visual solutions, as well as image generation systems and related applications. After researching several digital rights management solution alternatives, Tiltan decided to stick with Aladdin, and upgraded to a more recent version of their current DRM software: HASP SRM. Read More...

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Aladdin Knowledge Systems-IriTech Inc.

[October 30, 2009] Counting successful corporations and national security agencies among its customers, IriTech Inc. manufactures biometric authentication equipment and software based on iris recognition. To maintain its unique position in the growing biometrics market and prevent reverse engineering of their software, IriTech knew it would need to make software rights management an important part of its overall business plan. They began searching for a solution that would meet their needs. Read More...

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Aladdin Knowledge Systems

[February 23, 2009] All partners receive access to a partner portal, technical support, free self-paced technical training, free video-based training, free Web-based sales training, business development assistance and more. Read More...

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