Tags : Comcast

FCC Broadband Vote Draws Renewed Ire From Providers

[June 21, 2010] Agency issues Notice of Inquiry for public comment on broadband reclassification plan, strategy to expand high-speed Internet access to millions. Read More...

Tags: Internet , FCC , broadband , Comcast , Net Neutrality

Comcast's Answer to Downloaders: Monthly Limits

[August 30, 2008] How likely is the average user to hit the wall of their new 250GB restriction? Read More...

Tags: networks , FCC , Comcast , BitTorrent , network acceleration

Juniper, Cisco Fight for Carrier Cash

[June 28, 2008] Two leading carrier network vendors each claim victory with Comcast as the prize, amid heating competition in an increasingly lucrative market. Read More...

Tags: Cisco , Comcast , carriers , Juniper , GigabitEthernet

Can ISPs and P2Ps Coexist?

[April 17, 2008] Can ISPs and P2Ps Coexist?

Tags: FCC , Comcast , file sharing , P2P rights

FCC Chairman Says 'Balance' is Key to Net Neutrality

[March 08, 2008] Discusses Comcast, Net Neutrality and other issues at Stanford confab. Read More...

Tags: Google , wireless , FCC , broadband , spectrum , government , Verizon , AT&T , Comcast , VoIP , telecommunications , cable , regulation

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