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Autodesk-Brown Bag Films

[November 28, 2009] Based in Dublin, Ireland, Brown Bag Films is an animation studio that has been producing award-winning series and short movies since 1994. A couple of years ago, family entertainment company Chorion approached Brown Bag Films to discuss developing an animated series based on Ian Falconer’s Olivia books. These beloved children’s stories follow the adventures of a mischievous but lovable pig. When they were asked to work on the project, Brown Bag realized they had several challenges. First, they had to convince the books’ author that they could translate his characters to the small screen. They also had to find a way to produce the series in 3D. Read More...

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More Enterprises Buy Into Storage Virtualization

[March 29, 2008] Consolidation, disaster recovery factors in technology adoption growth, according to a new study. Read More...

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