Tags : Apotheker

HP Puts PC Business Up for Sale, Abruptly Zaps TouchPad Tablet

[August 19, 2011] Vendor also halts webOS-based mobile phones, offers $10+ billion for U.K.-based business software maker Autonomy Corp. Read More...

Tags: HP , Autonomy , Apotheker , TouchPad , PSG

HP's Apotheker: WebOS on Every PC

[March 10, 2011] HP's Apotheker: WebOS on Every PC Read More...

Tags: PC , HP , webOS , Apotheker

Former SAP Chief Named New HP Top Executive

[October 01, 2010] Vendor taps Léo Apotheker president and chief executive, also elects new board member. Read More...

Tags: SAP , HP , Hurd , Lesjak , Apotheker

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