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Samsung Smartphone Goes Optical to Stand Out

[October 23, 2008] The No. 2 handset maker's Epix targets the enterprise with high-speed connections and snazzy features. Can it differentiate itself from the mounting competition? Read More...

Tags: wireless , smartphones , Samsung , 3G , AT&T

Sprint Firm on WiMAX Despite Economy

[October 08, 2008] Never mind the big costs and the shadow of financial crisis: The No. 3 U.S. carrier and its partners remain optimistic about the next generation of high-speed wireless. Read More...

Tags: wireless , economy , 3G , Wimax , Sprint

3G iPhone: What's the Real Cost?

[June 25, 2008] Virtual teardown by iSuppli takes an educated guess at what Apple's costs are. Read More...

Tags: iPhone , Apple , 3G , phone , iSuppli

The 7 Features the 'iPhone Killers' Missed

[June 13, 2008] Until a competitor can design a better phone than Apple, the "iPhone Killers" simply won't. Read More...

Tags: Blackberry , iPhone , Apple , Samsung , 3G

Apple's iPhone: The 3G Sequel

[June 10, 2008] UPDATED: The iPhone 3G is quicker, lower priced, and offers nifty new software -- you just can't buy it quite yet. Read More...

Tags: iPhone , Apple , steve jobs , 3G , Al Gore

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