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HP Outlines 3Com Integration, Channel Opportunity

[April 23, 2010] Vendor sets up new networking group to include 3Com and ProCurve products, promises enhancements to certification programs, incremental VAR recruitment. Read More...

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3Com-Instrumentation Laboratory

[December 12, 2009] Headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts, Instrumentation Laboratory has 10 locations scattered across the globe. As Instrumentation's workforce and remote site needs continued to grow, the company realized their existing 3Com network would need to be upgraded. The company was adding nodes to their network and also running out of IP ranges, and needed to find core switches that could handle the large number of VLANs needed. Read More...

Tags: support , vertical , health care , interoperability , 3Com

HP To Acquire 3Com for $2.7 Billion

[November 12, 2009] Deal broadens networking portfolio, cements data center strategy, widens position in China market. Read More...

Tags: networking , HP , acquisition , Enterprise , 3Com

3COM - House Ear Institute

[April 12, 2009] House Ear Institute (HEI) is an internationally recognized non-profit research organization based in Los Angeles. Known for its contributions to auditory science, HEI's 180 employees require a fast, reliable communications infrastructure. Until recently HEI's 10/100 Ethernet headquarters network lacked the speed researchers needed to transfer files between offices and other research centers, resulting in bottle-necks that hampered staff's productivity. Read More...

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3COM - Covenant Health

[April 07, 2009] Covenant Health is a leading Tennessee healthcare provider that uses advanced technologies to deliver information to employees and physicians. With six hospitals ranging in size from fifty to 540 beds, Covenant Health needed an affordable array of powerful network systems to expand its connectivity and deliver new-generation PACS and healthcare applications. Read More...

Tags: Microsoft , server , vertical , 3Com

3Com - Jordan School District, Utah

[March 12, 2009] The Jordan School District is the largest and fastest-growing school district in Utah. It expects the district's population will to grow from 75,000 to 100,000 by the year 2012. As a result, the district required a cost-effective, scalable way to improve classroom safety, while at the same time securing its network and increasing network access across its 250 sq. mi. service area. Read More...

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[February 16, 2009] The 3Com Focus Partners features four tiers (Registered, Bronze, Silver, Gold). Read More...

Tags: networking , network administrators , VAR , 3Com , VAR program

Why Did The U.S. Government Kill Bain-3Com?

[March 21, 2008] A $2 billion deal goes bust because of foreign ownership concerns -- or is there something else? Read More...

Tags: government , 3Com , Bain Capital

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