Global PC Shipments Jump 21 Percent in Q2 2010

By D.H. Kass

July 29, 2010

PC vendors shipped 82.9 million desktop and mobile units in the second quarter of 2010, a 20.7 percent increase over the similar period last year and the third quarter in a row of double-digit growth year-over-year, said researcher Gartner Inc.

Gartner said that the overall PC shipment growth rate for the quarter, while still preliminary, slightly exceeded its expectations.

"The preliminary second quarter results indicate ongoing improvement of the PC market, and it marks the third consecutive quarter of double-digit growth on a year-over-year basis," said Mikako Kitagawa, Gartner principal analyst.

"Average selling prices (ASPs) continue to decline, but at a much slower rate compared with the last two years," Kitagawa said.

While global shipments of PCs moved ahead, the market for mini-notebooks came down to earth from earlier astronomical levels, Gartner said.

"Mini-notebook shipment growth still exceeded growth rates of the overall mobile PC market, but mini-notebook growth slowed to the low 20 percent range compared with more than 70 percent in the last two quarters,” Kitagawa said.

Hewlett-Packard Co. led all PC makers with 14.4 million units shipped worldwide during the second quarter, a 12 percent bump from the 12.8 million units it shipped during the similar period in 2009, commanding a 17.4 percent share of the market.

Acer Inc. held second position with 10.8 million units shipped globally during the period, a whopping 31.6 percent jump over the 8.2 million units it recorded during the same quarter last year, for a 13 percent share of the market.

Dell Inc. held the third spot among PC makers, shipping 10.2 million units worldwide during the period, a 19 percent increase over the 8.6 million units it posted for the second quarter of 2009, earning a 12.4 percent share of the market.

HP’s overall share of the market slipped 1.4 percent for the quarter when compared to last year’s period, while Acer gained a point and Dell held steady.

PC vendors Lenovo, ASUS and Toshiba all posted double-digit shipment growth for the quarter, with ASUS’s unit volume growing by nearly 80 percent and Lenovo recording just shy of a 50 percent increase.

By comparison, HP’s year-over-year growth rate of 12.3 percent was well below the industry average, an indication that the vendor tried to protect its margins in key regions, Gartner said.

The researcher also blamed HP’s sub-par global growth rate on a weak performance in the professional mobile markets in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

U.S. PC shipments jump 16 percent

In the U.S., PC vendors shipped about 17.9 million units in the second quarter of 2010, a 16 percent uptick from the similar period last year.

Gartner said that its data indicated that the professional PC market received a bump from an expected refresh cycle and was additionally driven by demand from the public sector. The researcher said that it anticipates demand from small businesses and large enterprises will gain steam in Q3 and Q4 of this year.

Kitigawa said that while the U.S. PC market posted double-digit growth, consumer mobile shipments slowed, weighed down by receding sales of mini-notebooks.

HP held its market leadership position in the U.S. for the quarter with shipments of 4.6 million units, a 13.9 percent bump from last year’s totals, earning a 25.7 share of the market.

Dell held second place with 4.2 million units shipped during the second quarter, a 10.1 percent growth over last year’s results, and a 23.7 percent share of the market. Acer lagged well behind the leaders at 2 million units shipped for an 11.3 percent share of the market.

EMEA PC shipments climb 21.6 percent from second quarter 2009

For Q2 2010, EMEA PC shipments totaled 24.1 million units, a 21.6 percent increase from the similar period last year and the region’s second consecutive quarter of double-digit growth.

“For the second consecutive quarter the EMEA PC market exhibited double-digit growth, signaling continued strength of the EMEA PC market despite uncertain economic conditions,” said Ranjit Atwal, Gartner principal research analyst.

The researcher said that Central Eastern Europe was the fast growing region followed by Western Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Acer led the EMEA PC market with 5.1 million units shipped during the second quarter, a 37.1 percent increase over the similar period last year, for a 21.3 percent share of the market.

HP posted shipments of 4.7 million units for the period, a 15.2 percent bump over last year, for a 19.7 percent share of the market.