CompTIA Initiates New Community to Promote Unified Communications

By D.H. Kass

March 29, 2011

CompTIA, an IT industry trade association, recently said that it has formed a community to promote the growth of unified communications, a move the organization said was in tune with helping technology companies capitalize on new market opportunities in that sector that could reach some $50 billion globally within a few years.

Unified Communications refers to the convergence of data, voice, video and mobility that yields solutions that allows users to communication and access information in a wide variety of ways.

“Our Unified Communications Community will focus on creating best practices, educational tools and business resources for companies engaged in the creation and delivery of this rapidly developing technology,” said Jim Hamilton, CompTIA senior director, member relations.

Hamilton said that unified communications offers a “potentially lucrative market” for IT companies, and that the new UC community will help overcome barriers to wide adoption.

“Unified communications solutions offer customers the opportunity for rapid and substantial cost savings, network efficiencies and improvements in employee productivity,” he said. “But there are barriers to broader adoption – standards and interoperability; security considerations; and the integration of unified communications in the emerging cloud computing environment – among them,” said Hamilton.

“Our Unified Communications Community is committed to helping our industry and its customers overcome these barriers so the full potential of unified communications is realized,” he said.

CompTIA said that the Unified Communications Community could undertake developing descriptive business models, attempt to further clarify the technology, create education and enablement programs for channel partners, design education programs for sales and best practices, and engage in research to unearth business opportunities and shed more light on the technology.

“With four different constituencies – voice, data, video and mobility – and solution delivery models that include on premise, hosted or in the cloud, the unified communications industry will benefit greatly from the forum that CompTIA is providing,” said Pam Avila, Sierra Summit Group principal and chairperson of the CompTIA Unified Communications Community.

“It’s exciting to participate in this effort to bring various groups together to achieve a common goal – the growth and success of unified communications,” she said.