Comstor Debuts Cloud-based Platform to Manage Service Maintenance

By D.H. Kass

September 22, 2011

Westcon Group Inc.’s Comstor business unit said that it has launched Comstor Click, a new cloud-based system that speeds up service quoting and ordering as well as automates service renewals.

The distributor, which is dedicated to Cisco products and services, said that Comstor Click is intended to boost Cisco SmartNet service sales in North America. Comstor works with some 150 channel partners who, in addition to the distributors’ internal sales teams, also will be able to take advantage of the Comstor Click system.

Comstor said that it teamed with MaintenanceNet Inc., a provider of extended warranty and maintenance contract management services, on the cloud-based platform. MaintenanceNet said that it has auto-quoted and delivered about $100 million in Cisco SmartNet quotes to Comstor’s channel partners.

“Comstor Click promises to drive even greater success for our sales agents and reseller partners,” said Christopher Fender, Westcon sales director.

“It takes service quoting and ordering to the next level, offering the 24/7 convenience of a cloud platform and a highly efficient way to transact services online,” he said.

Officials said that the Comstor Click system builds on the distributor’s existing service sales platform, adding a new interface and features. It can be set up to track expiring service contracts, generate pre-qualified SmartNet quotes to automate renewals, and will help channel partners better communicate and manage service contracts with customers.

The bottom line is that the platform puts Comstor’s sales teams in position to close more service sales and generate more revenue,” said Scott Herron, MaintenanceNet chief executive.