Cisco Energizes Fixed-Switching Portfolio, Offers Incentives for Channel Partners

New Borderless Access initiative adds new switches, energy, security and video services, router upgrades.

Cisco Systems Inc. has offered, under its Borderless Networks Architecture, a multi-faceted solution called Borderless Access that peps up its fixed-switching and router product lines, adds network services, and initiates a revised pricing scheme, rebates and growth opportunities for resellers.

Last Fall, Cisco began using the term “borderless network” specifically to refer to the changing connectivity requirements of an evolving workplace—one in which a set perimeter once defined users, devices and applications, but now is blurred by multiple business locations, a dizzying array of appliances and cloud-based services.

Making the case that the “borderless network” is being driven by the growth of video, a mobile workforce and an explosion in connected devices, Cisco steadily has added elements to the architecture, from upgrading its router portfolio to new products and service aimed at networked mobile users.

In this latest round, Cisco unveiled a new collection of fixed-switching product lines, the Cisco Catalyst 3560-X and 3750-X, enterprise level units, and the 2960-S, an entry level series.

In addition, the vendor added network services in energy efficiency, security and video, tripled the performance of its second generation Integrated Service Router (ISR G2) line, and tacked on a software upgrade for the ASR 1000 series routers.

“This is a continuation of what we announced last September with Borderless Network as an architecture,” Wenceslao Lada, vice president of worldwide channel, Cisco Borderless Networks.

He said that the vendor is heavily relying on channel partners to execute and implement its strategy for the architecture.

Lada pegged the market opportunity surrounding the vendor’s initiative at $40 billion, $30 billion of which is product related, with managed and professional services accounting for the remainder.

“We expect compound growth for the next three years at 20 percent,” he said.

Lada said that Cisco has extended its rebate scheme, initiated with its ISR G2 products, to its new switches and routers. Channel partners are eligible for rebates ranging from 5 percent to 15 percent for certain products and services.

“We are continuing to invest heavily in channel partners to ensure that their profitability is our number one objective,” he said.

New switches, routers, services

Cisco is positioning the 3570-X and 3560-X series switches as its flagship offering in its fixed-switched portfolio. The enterprise-class stackable and standalone switches feature 10 gigabit Ethernet, full Power over Ethernet (PoE) on all ports, a flexible smart uplink module, StackWise Plus, which provides high availability to the data path, and StackPower, a power resiliency tool.

The vendor’s new 2960-S entry level switch packs 10GE uplinks, full PoE on every port, and EnergyWise capabilities. Cisco said that the platform has been energy optimized, resulting in power savings up to 50 percent.

Included in Cisco’s network services offering, the vendor has upgraded its EnergyWise energy consumption tool to EnergyWise Orchestrator, which extends power management to PCs, laptops and PoE devices. In addition, Cisco released EnergyWise SDK, made available through its Developer Network, which allows third-party developers to implement EnergyWise support in their products.

Cisco also rolled out TrustSec, a next generation security solution, newly available on the Catalyst 3560 and 3750-X series switches, that allows customers to deploy security policies across all technologies throughout the network.

The vendor also unveiled Medianet, which enables the detection and optimization of video and video endpoints and the allocation and prioritization of network resources so video can be delivered from one device to another. Medianet is supported on the new Catalyst fixed switches and the ISR G2 routers.

“We continue delivering a seamless, secure, reliable network that is giving the opportunity to the customer to have both wired and wireless connectivity, remote and office connectivity as well as an enhanced level of architecture through these value-added services,” Lada said.

“Customers are able to maximize the assets they have in the network as well as the assets that they have in the IT infrastructure providing to their entire customer base a very reliable network that is going to sustain their business transformation and assets for the next generation.”

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