Channel Is Key In Enterprise Security Sales

George Adams, CEO of SSH Communications Security, outlines the key obstacles channel partners face in tackling security sales and offers a roadmap to success.

There are a slew of enterprise security solutions on the market today, and the list keeps growing.The problem is that with so many vendors marketing solutions with similar features and benefits, and often conflicting promises, it can be extremely difficult and time consuming for enterprises – particularly ones with large, multi-platform, international IT operations – to find the best fit. 

This is where resellers, value-added resellers (VARs) and system integrators have an opportunity to demonstrate significant value for their clients.  They are often in an ideal position to help large organizations identify and deploy the security solution that best fits the needs and unique characteristics of their existing IT infrastructures. 

However, even the most diligent and astute reseller is bound to face a challenge sifting through the myriad enterprise security options available today while keeping up with the continual evolution of the technology.  But there is good news.  Potentially great rewards await those resellers who dedicate themselves to understanding the various IT security options, ranging from improved customer service and stronger, long-term relationships to repeat business and new revenue opportunities through professional services

One of the biggest challenges facing security technology practitioners is the constantly changing nature of today’s security threats.  New viruses, phishing schemes, spyware, malware, worms, data loss and theft and other threats turn up as quickly as security experts can develop patches and counter measures. And, several factors make the enterprise particularly vulnerable to these new threats. 

First, the very nature of the enterprise IT infrastructure makes it an attractive, and often easy, target. Many larger enterprises encompass complex networks that include a multitude of operating systems, applications and communications protocols.

Also, a number of organizations still rely heavily on legacy mainframe systems to store vast amounts of sensitive consumer and corporate data. In reality, these mainframe systems were not designed to handle the scope, nature and volume of today’s IP-networked world and the IT security challenges that come with it.

All of these factors put a tremendous burden on the reseller seeking to find the right solutions and add value for his or her client. However, there are a few core guidelines that can make this process easier.

At the end of the day, resellers need to ensure that their clients deploy, at a minimum, a comprehensive security solution to protect all aspects of the enterprise infrastructure. To this end, some key factors they need to consider include:


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