Maximize ROI Through Training: Three Things Every Company Should Know

Andres Sintes, Cisco Systems Inc. global director, Worldwide Learning Partner Channel, explains that the most successful companies use training to capture market opportunities, increase profitable growth and ensure relevance to their customers.

November 15, 2011

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The convergence of market transitions, ranging from collaboration and video to virtualization and cloud-based services, is fundamentally changing the way customers acquire and use technology.

As new advanced services and products are introduced, organizations that strengthen their competencies in key areas will be positioned to thrive in today’s evolving business landscape.

Technology training provides a solid foundation of skills and resources to enable professionals to design, implement and manage the latest converging technologies and deploy end-to-end solutions with confidence. The most successful organizations are using training to evolve their practices to capture market opportunities, increase profitable growth and ensure relevance to their customers.

Training is important in any business, and a combination of both business and technical skills is critical for success. Armed with comprehensive technical knowledge, learning providers offer the advanced training that enables participants to deploy specific technology and business solutions with greater confidence to increase overall productivity.  

As learning requirements evolve, learning providers are striving to develop innovative solutions to deliver training in new and exciting ways, such as mobile learning, which enables learners to minimize time out of the field and to train whenever and wherever is convenient. Authorized learning providers offer the customized training that organizations need to maximize success.

Companies should take three key steps to ensure that their staff is well-trained and ready to take advantage of changing market dynamics. To maximize the ROI of training and technology investments, an organization should assess its training needs and ensure that it provides an environment conducive to professional development.

1. Ask your learning provider to perform a training needs assessment.  Gain valuable insight into the skill set of your employees and get the most out of their capabilities while properly aligning your teams. Some key questions include:  Which skills do you require of your staff?  How many of them meet those requirements?  What training is still needed?

2. Support your staff in acquiring their training.  Investment in staff builds trust, engagement and loyalty.  We’re all busy getting our work done, but successful companies value a well-trained staff.  Support them in this effort both in providing time to gain the skills and giving them the resources to do so.

3. Foster an environment of learning.  Continuing education is key for any profession.  Physicians don’t stop learning once they gain a medical license—keeping up-to-date on the latest advances in technology and procedures is a must for every professional.  

Advanced training enables organizations to deploy technology and business solutions with greater confidence. In turn, this helps individuals to achieve successful careers and their employers to profitably grow.

By following these easy steps, any organization can maximize its efficiency, productivity and ROI on technology investments. After their training needs are determined, employees will gain access to education that is suited to a business’s particular requirements, ensuring they attain the knowledge and expertise needed to be successful in today's competitive IT business environment.

Andres Sintes is the global director of the Worldwide Learning Partner Channel at Cisco. Sintes leads the team responsible for the channel and sales management of Cisco’s Authorized Learning Partner program, which provides training coverage for Cisco channel partners and customers worldwide. Follow Andres on Twitter: @AndresSintes.

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