Cisco Debuts Emeritus Badge For CCIE Veterans

New certificate offered at CCIE’s 10-year mark, allows continued program involvement without active status.

Cisco Systems Inc. said that it has added a new Emeritus designation to its Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification, suitable for long-standing certified individuals no longer involved in day-to-day technology issues but instead active in management, leadership or advisory roles.

Officials said that the certificate allows CCIEs certified for a minimum of 10 years to remain involved in the program but sidestep the biennial renewal process including associated exams.

Fred Weiller, Learning@Cisco director of marketing, said that CCIE emeritus members are recognized for their technical proficiency and veteran status within the program, and may continue to participate in discussion forums, blogs and other groups as a certified individual.

“The Emeritus designation is for CCIEs whose job has changed, perhaps they’re not so much hands on anymore, re-certifying every two years may take too much of their time and may be a bit of a burden, but they have invested a lot in their career and don’t want to lose that connection,” Weiller said.

He said that Cisco’s CCIE community had become very “vocal” about requesting a designation that recognized the changing roles of many of the program’s veterans.

Weiller said that a good deal of CCIEs begin to transition away from day-to-day responsibilities about 10 years after joining the program but previously lacked a formal path to follow.

Emeritus badge offers new path for veteran CCIEs

To participate in the CCIE Emeritus program, qualified individuals must complete an application, detail their participation in the community and pay an $85 annual fee. Individuals must re-apply for the Emeritus status annually.

CCIE Emeritus participants relinquish their active status and do not count against a channel partner’s certification requirements or for maintaining channel partner status. CCIE Emeritus members that want to re-activate their CCIE certification only need to pass the exam.

“If a CCIE goes back to a hands on job, or a channel partner needs another CCIE to remain qualified in the program, the Emeritus can go back and become active again,” said Angela Mendoza, Cisco Certifications marketing manager.

“It’s an open door if they want to recertify,” she said.

Mendoza said that the Emeritus designation “allows us to retain veterans of the program, who can do things like mentoring future CCIEs and have the knowledge and experience to help partners build out programs.”

She said that Cisco estimates that from among the pool of 10-year CCIEs worldwide, about 20 – 25 percent may opt for the Emeritus tag.

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