Edgeos Rolls Out Monthly Managed-Security Pricing Offering for VARs

Vendor private labels a vulnerability assessment service that security VARs can offer to their business clients on a monthly basis.

To help smaller VARs get a foot in the security door, Edgeos Inc. recently took the wraps off a new month-to-month pricing model for its suite of managed vulnerability assessment services.

The Austin, Texas-based provider of private labeled, managed vulnerability assessment services works with solution providers, managed service providers and security providers to build new sources of recurring revenues, drive brand value, simplify management and minimize costs. Edgeos' private-label services allows partners to perform unlimited internal and external vulnerability scans on unique hosts via a secure, web-enabled portal using an annual subscription or the new month-by-month price structure, said Jay Jacobsen, CEO of Edgeos.

Participating partners contact Edgeos and can quickly develop a customized private-label service to sell to clients, he said. Recently, Edgeos automated many of these processes, allowing the company to deliver a monthly, as well as yearly, option, Jacobsen explained.

"Traditionally, in order to make it worth our while and go through that level of design and development, customized for every client, we would make them sign a contract, a minimum of one-year with a quantity they would purchase from us. Doing month-to-month with no commitment has always appealed to a segment of our customers, but has been something we couldn't justify before," he said.

"Over the last six months we developed a handful of technologies on our back-end that allows to automate the entire turn-up process. Now that turn-up process can happen in a matter of minute, not hours or days."

Integrated Security Portal

The Edgeos Security Services Platform consists of an integrated web-based security portal; scanning engines for fully automated, scheduled or on-demand, internal and external assessments; custom reporting engine, and security management interface. To the end-customer it appears the service is completely provided by its channel partner, not Edgeos, said Jacobsen.

Perimeter eSecurity selected Edgeos as its partner more than two years ago, said Tom Neclerio, chief information security officer at the Milford, Conn.-based managed security service provider. "Before Edgeos we were doing it on our own, doing it all internally. It was a build vs. own analysis. For the cost justification, as well as all the feature-rich functions they had in their portal, it made sense to partner. They had the most complete solution we analyzed in the industry," Neclerio said.

Although most Perimeter eSecurity clients are in the highly regulated financial sector, where security scans are part of regular business operations, the MSP now offers a service to non-regulated businesses, he said. This service taps Edgeos' new monthly, per-usage fee structure because typically these clients do not want - or cannot cost-justify - an annual contract, said Neclerio.

"We give clients the ability to do some ad hoc scanning, but we prefer longer term contracts. It depends on the market," he said. "PCI or a regulated industry has to get it all the time. In the general corporate market, there's nothing that's driving them to do regular scans. Having a different pricing model gives us a foot in the door."

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