VARs Benefiting from Government's Green IT Push

The federal government's green IT mandate to reduce energy consumption leads solution partner Innovative Technology to strike a deal with storage vendor Copan Systems.

The federal government mandate requiring government agencies to reduce energy consumption by 2015 has been a boon to VARs selling into the federal arena. Another boon has been recent e-government initiatives requiring agencies to make information more easily accessible via the internet – initiatives that force agencies to make their data centers better able to support digital information management.

Ironically, the more that older data centers (and their cooling infrastructures) are used, the more energy they consume. This quandary typically forces federal agencies to seek greener, smarter solutions from VARs.

“One of the best ways for agencies to address the problems of greater data center usage is to improve how they store and access digital information and to use technology that will reduce their energy consumption,” said Humberto Irizarry, vice president of Innovative Technologies Inc. (ITI) a Chantilly, Va.-based solution provider.

After months of assessing the storage requirements of its various federal clients, ITI is rolling out a series of solutions centered on technology from Copan Systems, a leader in persistent data storage.

Green Technology Opportunity

Copan technology is creating new business opportunities for ITI and enabling it to deliver a complete end-to-end solution, Irizarry said. ITI specializes in designing, creating, installing and supporting visual information systems for the federal government and commercial clients.

“After reviewing several options, we selected Copan because its technology has proven itself at more than 20 federal agencies where it has reduced power consumption and cooling costs, and data center real estate costs,” he said.

The storage of persistent data, data infrequently changed or modified, yet still needs to be retained for reference or access, is usually done via tape, a technology with numerous shortcomings, said Irizarry.

Copan’s Enterprise MAID (Massive Array of Idle Disks) technology enables customers to keep persistent data online at a fraction of the operating cost of transactional storage but with more reliability and performance than offline media, said Will Layton, co-founder and vice president of Copan’s federal division.

Copan’s technology packs 896 TB of data onto 14 hard drives in a housing that occupies only 10 square feet, freeing up data center floor space and reducing cooling costs.

In addition, about 75 percent of the drives are powered off at any given moment, making Copan's technology a good fit for green solutions, said Irizarry.

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