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Our comprehensive guide to technology solutions implemented by channel partners in specific vertical markets.

Sun Microsystems-TweetMeme

Most of the social media company's IT challenges were related to its staggering growth. To meet the needs of its users, TweetMeme decided to migrate their site to MySQL Enterprise. The system was deployed on 10 servers from Sun Microsystems. A combination of Sun Fire X4440 servers and Sun Fire X4150 servers was used.

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ASIERUS Inc., created in 2005 as a provider of high-end network managed services, needed to streamline its systems and gain the ability to control activities remotely to provide the potential to reallocate customer resources on-demand or as needed.

Microsoft - Pioneer Electronics

Pioneer Electronics needed to provide superior customer service. To help achieve this, Pioneer dealers needed a forum to share installation expertise for increasingly sophisticated after-market car audio products.

Oracle - GlobalConnect, LLC

Global Connect provides high performance secure hosting services. The company sought to create a highly scalable and secure data infrastructure for its growing client base. It also wanted the capability to deliver rapid searches to customers and to have flexible security options to meet the needs of clients.

Oracle - Polaris World

Polaris World develops golf resorts and needed to create an IT infrastructure that could optimize efficiency and support the companies rapid growth and diverse business activities.

Microsoft - WilliamsF1

For almost three decades the Williams F1 racing team has been at the forefront of Formula One development. The team wanted to establish a website for the upcoming racing season that would reflect its leading position. They had seven weeks to accomplish their goal.

VMWare - AIG Technologies

AIG Technologies is a supplier of information technology solutions. What AIG needed to accomplish was to improve their customer support and response time by increasing datacenter space for growing projects. AIG sought the help of VMWare in order to implement a solution that could meet their customer support and response needs.

Dell - Altran

Altran is a European leader in innovation consulting. Founded in 1982, the company has three areas of expertise: technology and innovation, information systems, and strategy and management. Altran needed to standardize various IT systems by installing common software solutions across Altran’s 150 companies. This included a financial consolidation application, ERP as well as e-mail.

3Com-GAI Consultants

GAI Consultants is a multidisciplinary engineering firm headquartered in Pennsylvania. Boasting 7 main offices and several more in the field, this successful company employs nearly 600 individuals and has 130 CADD users. When GAI Consultants moved to its new location in Pittsburgh, the company faced a daunting challenge: establishing an IT infrastructure from the ground up.

Microsoft-American Red Cross of Greater Cleveland

The Cleveland chapter of the American Red Cross has been serving the local community for more than 100 years. When the American Red Cross of Greater Cleveland began experiencing funding difficulties due to worsening economic conditions, they began searching for technological solutions that would allow them to lower overhead costs without sacrificing the quality of their services.


In a time when many airlines are downsizing or closing their doors, Australian airline Jetstar is implementing an aggressive growth strategy. Jetstar recognized that they would have to streamline their terminal operations if they hoped to realize their ambitious growth goals. The company concluded that the most effective way to make terminal operations faster, more efficient, and more cost effective was to set up a system that allowed customers to bypass long check-in lines.

IBM-Metabasis Therapeutics, Inc.

A biopharmaceutical company, Metabasis Therapeutics, Inc. specializes in discovering, developing, and commercializing drug treatments for metabolic and liver diseases. The challenge this company was facing was that they wanted to accelerate the drug discovery process through the development of more accurate and easier-to-use methods. The company attempted to address this issue by creating Free Energy Perturbation (FEP)-based computer-aided drug design (CADD) software. After the creation of their powerful software, Metabasis then needed to find a robust computing environment that would facilitate its FEP calculations.


Social networking sites are extremely popular, and Netlog is the leading networking Web site in six European countries, including Belgium and Italy. The challenge the company was facing was that their existing infrastructure was outdated. Netlog needed to find an affordable, reliable, and highly available system to support their expansion, process billions of page views, and store huge volumes of data.

3Com-Old Red Museum

After extensive renovations, the 1890’s courthouse that houses the Old Red Museum once again opened its doors in 2007. While renovations were being completed, it was decided that the entire building should be outfitted with an integrated voice and data network based on VoIP and Ethernet technology.

Citrix-Reed Specialist Recruitment

In 2005, Reed Specialist Recruitment began to seek out ways to improve its overall IT use. Specifically, they were hoping to cut spending by 20 percent. They also desired a flexible solution that would support rapid growth, allow for the rollout of new offices, reduce the company's carbon footprint, and help them connect with potential clients throughout the world and win new contracts.

Intel-MDG Computers Canada Inc.

The challenge MDG Computers Canada Inc., was facing was that they needed to compete in an upcoming enterprise contract with the Canadian Federal Government. The contract required systems to comply with a detailed set of software and hardware certifications, and the company needed to quickly certify their desktop and server systems in order to have any hope of winning the contract.

PGP-Software AG

Thousands of individuals throughout the world use Software AG technology on mission-critical systems, so protecting confidential customer data is obviously essential. Software AG wanted to find an information security solution to protect private information stored on laptops and contained in e-mails.

Astaro-eEye Digital Security

The main difficulty faced by eEye employees before the Astaro solution was implemented was spam. Too many of these e-mails were getting through to employees, which was both reducing productivity and causing a shortage of storage space on exchange servers. Spam messages in the form of phishing attacks were increasing the amount of spyware and malware on the network.

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