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Founded by Brian Scudamore when he was still in university, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? has evolved into a $100 million business with over 200 franchises in 3 countries. Encouraged by his success, Scudamore decided to make aggressive efforts to expand his business by increasing the number of franchises in North America. Before he did this, however, he had to make sure that he had scalable IT and server infrastructure capable of handling any level of future growth.

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IBM - Levi Strauss

Levi Strauss has a global network of over 10,000 users in more then 100 countries. It wanted to enable standardized cross-platform audit and account control processes across the entire global network.

Oracle - LA Weight Loss Centers

L A Weight Loss sought to automate manual processes and upgrade legacy systems that were strained by rapid growth. The company also wanted to ensure 24/7 secure access to both customers and employees and expand its business to include an online service directory business model. Finally, the legacy point-of-sale (POS) system needed to be seamlessly integrated with a new enterprise platform.

Microsoft - Best Buy

Best Buy, a leading specialty consumer retailer, wanted to create a more efficient approach to scheduling and routing for their “Geek Squad” brand, a team of field-based support professionals who service customers in their homes or small businesses.

Microsoft - L'Oreal

L’Oreal, the world's largest skin care and cosmetics company, wanted to broaden the scope of marketing for their luxury products division.

3COM - Goodwill Industries of Toronto

Goodwill Toronto, a Canadian registered charity manages 32 stores and training centers in Greater Toronto, Central and Eastern Ontario. Goodwill Toronto's technology infrastructure limited its ability to manage its daily business. The company sought an enterprise network that would converge telephony and data between its new headquarters and its stores.

IBM - Peter Hahn

Peter Hahn, a prestigious, Germany-based clothier, specializes in producing women’s clothing made from natural fibers. While Peter Hahn was rapidly expanding, the company recognized that data availability had become more critical than ever before. The clothier faced several challenges related to data availability.

Microsoft-Del Monte Foods

Del Monte Foods, a California-based company that began operations in 1916, produces, markets, and distributes a variety of foods and pet products for the U.S. retail market. Because so many of Del Monte’s customers still submit orders by fax, the company needed an efficient and reliable fax server solution that would integrate with their existing Microsoft IT infrastructure.

IBM-The North Face

The North Face produces performance apparel, equipment, and footwear for serious athletes. The challenge the company was facing was that they wanted to launch a Web site so they could begin selling their popular merchandise directly to customers.


German-based Fujicolor specializes in developing photos for customers across the country, and operates 6 photographic labs. Germans submit about 21 billion digital photos for printing each year, and Fujicolor realized at the beginning of 2007 that they would need to increase their memory and storage capacity to meet the changing needs of their customers. Their existing storage systems were already performing at their peak, so the company opted for entirely new systems.


MooBella is an ice cream company that came up with a truly unique and revolutionary approach to delivering this sweet treat to consumers. The company still needed to find a way to transform their concept into a commercially-viable machine that could easily be manufactured.


WESCO is a company that has experienced massive success in the retail sector. WESCO wanted to transfer from a 56k Frame Relay network to MPLS, but soon realized they would need a new networking infrastructure to do so. The company expected their upgraded network to have increased bandwidth and provide future support for VoIP. The network would also need to be secure and have an integrated wireless connection.

Zeus Technology-Play.com

Play.com is an online shopping site that sells a variety of products, including games, books, electronics, and software. As Play.com continued to grow, the company began looking for a way to replace the existing Microsoft Network Load Balancers with a product that would permit the Internet retailer to scale up its e-commerce capacity at any time by as many servers as needed.

Trend Micro-Follett Corporation

The Follett Corporation, based in Illinois, has been in business for more than a century. Currently, they generate billions in revenue each year, selling a variety of educational products to universities, libraries, and schools. The challenge the company was facing was that their existing security software was consuming an excessive amount of the wide area network’s total bandwidth. This led to a difficulty in processing credit card transactions – many were not going through.

Marshal8e6-The Container Store

The Container Store makes it easier for people to get and stay organized. Like most companies that rely on the Internet to help conduct operations, The Container Store wanted to find a way to minimize and block spam. Management worried that employee productivity and network resources could be affected if this issue wasn’t properly addressed. Viruses and other computer attacks were also a concern. The retailer’s IT department was asked to find a solution that would minimize the impact of these attacks.


Like many companies, Prinova stores important information about customers and other data related to operations on its servers. The business originally used a traditional daily tape backup, but concerns about costs, errors, and whether this method would allow for effective disaster recovery led Prinova to begin looking for a new backup solution. They wanted a user-friendly system that would effectively safeguard the security and integrity of customer data.

Axis Communications-Golf Mill Shopping Center

As vehicle traffic and the number of visitors increased, management at the Golf Mill Shopping Center felt it was necessary to introduce additional security measures to monitor the retail complex and its 89 acres of outdoor parking. Golf Mill’s management hired Secure Integrations to help address the retail center’s needs.

Sun Microsystems-Ivan Smith Furniture

The main challenge the company was facing was that they needed to find a better alternative to their existing reporting system. Specifically, they wanted a system that would make creating report templates easier, would reduce the time needed to run reports, and would provide browser-based access to reporting tools.

Sophos-Under Armour

The main challenge Under Armour was facing was that their endpoint solution was difficult to manage and had several limitations, one of them being that unwanted applications could not be blocked or prevented from launching. The company wanted a solution that would offer better security, enhanced data control, and improved threat protection.

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