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Our comprehensive guide to technology solutions implemented by channel partners in specific vertical markets.

Verio-Riser Media

When Riser Media was contacted in 2007 by a current client and asked to host several high traffic sites, the media company realized that offering hosting services in addition to Web design could improve their relationships with existing clients and increase revenue.

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TurboSquid currently features over 250,000 3D items on their site, which contains the largest library of 3D products worldwide. Each day, some of TurboSquid’s 1.5 million members visit the site to buy and sell 3D content, exchange ideas, and locate plug-ins for 3D software applications. To properly promote TurboSquid to audiences like the Game Developer's Conference, SIGGRAPH, and Autodesk University, Perschall needed a mobile platform that could showcase the company's online marketplace. He also required a system that could be used for testing.

Autodesk-Sight Entertainment

Located in Santa Monica, California, Sight Entertainment specializes in creating high-end visual effects for the entertainment industry. After a single demonstration of Autodesk Smoke, Sight Entertainment knew that the software would be part of its future growth. Sight was thoroughly impressed by the editing and compositing capabilities of this advanced program.

Autodesk-Brown Bag Films

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Brown Bag Films is an animation studio that has been producing award-winning series and short movies since 1994. A couple of years ago, family entertainment company Chorion approached Brown Bag Films to discuss developing an animated series based on Ian Falconer’s Olivia books. These beloved children’s stories follow the adventures of a mischievous but lovable pig. When they were asked to work on the project, Brown Bag realized they had several challenges. First, they had to convince the books’ author that they could translate his characters to the small screen. They also had to find a way to produce the series in 3D.

Sun Microsystems-Grupo Dinarte

Managing information is an important part of Grupo Dinarte’s services, and they work with data in a variety of formats, including databases, text files, documents, images, and videos. In order to enhance customer service and improve their data storage systems, Grupo Dinarte wanted to upgrade its storage infrastructure. They also needed a solution that would work with Apple Mac devices and a network of PCs.


The challenge SpinWeb was facing was that they wanted to be able to devote most of their efforts to growing the business and looking after clients instead of worrying about the technical issues involved in setting up new accounts and maintaining servers. To address these challenges, SpinWeb began looking for a hosting partner that offered reliable and easy to manage solutions.

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