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Our comprehensive guide to technology solutions implemented by channel partners in specific vertical markets.

Citrix-Business Fitness

This specialist consultancy provides advice to Australian firms and businesses, offering ideas about benchmarking, best practices, process improvement, and document management. Obviously, selling customers on Business Fitness’s products and services is essential to the company’s success. The company relied on sales methods like in-person seminars, but at $4,000 each, this traditional approach was quite costly. Because of the limits of this sales method, Business Fitness began looking for a Web-based marketing tool that would be less expensive and would allow them to connect with more potential clients more frequently.

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Citrix - CambridgeSoft Corp

CambridgeSoft Corp had increased its off-shoring operations and needed to accelerate file tranfers between remote offices, offshore contractors and field staff.

Citrix-Saxon State Office

Located in Dresden, the Saxon State Office for the Environment, Agriculture and Geology performs a variety of tasks, including environmental consulting, environmental documentation, applied research, laboratory analysis, and advising. In 2008, options for server virtualization also began to be explored when the server room in the state office reached its capacity.

Citrix-DeVry University

DeVry University, a private educational organization, offers a number of undergraduate and graduate programs, and is known throughout the country for the quality of its IT programs. After trying several application delivery solutions, DeVry attended a demo of Citrix Presentation Server and realized it was exactly what they had been looking for. They now use this program with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 as the primary method of delivering applications to online students.

Citrix-Reed Specialist Recruitment

In 2005, Reed Specialist Recruitment began to seek out ways to improve its overall IT use. Specifically, they were hoping to cut spending by 20 percent. They also desired a flexible solution that would support rapid growth, allow for the rollout of new offices, reduce the company's carbon footprint, and help them connect with potential clients throughout the world and win new contracts.

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