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Our comprehensive guide to technology solutions implemented by channel partners in specific vertical markets.

Astaro-South Montgomery Community School

Most schools have Internet-related concerns, and those that fall under the jurisdiction of the South Montgomery Community School Corporation are no different. Filtering Web content and blocking inappropriate Web sites have always ranked high on the list of priorities.

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Astaro-eEye Digital Security

The main difficulty faced by eEye employees before the Astaro solution was implemented was spam. Too many of these e-mails were getting through to employees, which was both reducing productivity and causing a shortage of storage space on exchange servers. Spam messages in the form of phishing attacks were increasing the amount of spyware and malware on the network.

Astaro-Greene County Board

The Greene County Board of Developmental Disabilities is an agency that specializes in providing support to those living with mental and physical disabilities and their families. The challenge the agency was facing was that their existing small network was not adequately protected. The organization’s eight users relied on a wireless broadband access point, and a wireless router was the sole form of network protection. This made the network highly vulnerable to all sorts of threats.

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