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The challenges being faced by At-Bristol were similar to other facilities that contain public computers. While certain Web sites are blocked, At-Bristol’s computer users are essentially free to search for any information they wish. Computers were routinely becoming infected with viruses, spyware, and other malware as a result.

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IBM - Beacham Memorial Hospital

Beacham Hospital had to become compliant with national standards for hospitals to safeguard against misuse and ensure confidentiality of patient information.

Oracle - GlobalConnect, LLC

Global Connect provides high performance secure hosting services. The company sought to create a highly scalable and secure data infrastructure for its growing client base. It also wanted the capability to deliver rapid searches to customers and to have flexible security options to meet the needs of clients.

IBM - The International Bank of Miami

The bank used a password-based authentication method that needed to be replaced because it was too complicated and difficult to manage.A solution including Secure Systems Authentication, a fingerprint recognition device, was implemented with IBM DB2 for i5/OS.

Oracle - LA Weight Loss Centers

L A Weight Loss sought to automate manual processes and upgrade legacy systems that were strained by rapid growth. The company also wanted to ensure 24/7 secure access to both customers and employees and expand its business to include an online service directory business model. Finally, the legacy point-of-sale (POS) system needed to be seamlessly integrated with a new enterprise platform.

3Com - Jordan School District, Utah

The Jordan School District is the largest and fastest-growing school district in Utah. It expects the district's population will to grow from 75,000 to 100,000 by the year 2012. As a result, the district required a cost-effective, scalable way to improve classroom safety, while at the same time securing its network and increasing network access across its 250 sq. mi. service area.

3COM - New College

Based in Sarasota, Florida, New College is an independent, public honors college that attracts academically gifted and talented students. The school was using an aging Cisco data network, a Lucent phone system from the 1980s and was dealing with annual bill of more than $600,000 for outsourcing network maintenance services.

IBM-Special Needs Nursing - Corner Stone

Special Needs Nursing – Corner Stone (SNNCS) specializes in providing contract nursing services for those with special needs, including the elderly and the mentally challenged. The challenge faced by this organization was that they needed a more reliable and scalable computer network. The existing IT environment was quite outdated, consisting of numerous individual workstations with few to no network connections.

Intel-Chapman & Chapman

Chapman & Chapman is a family-owned business that provides insurance and financial services to both corporations and individuals. The challenge the company was facing was that their four-year old legacy storage solution was outdated. In addition, the older server that was the backbone of the company’s storage system was beginning to show signs of failure. Chapman & Chapman required a new solution that would maximize employee productivity and have a lower total cost of ownership.

Trend Micro-Lakeridge Health

Lakeridge Health relies on critical IT infrastructure spanning its 25 hospitals, clinics, and administrative sites to support its operations. Unfortunately, the organization began experiencing an escalation in Web threats, including Web-based phishing, data-stealing malware, and spam e-mails containing links to these threats. As these Web threats increased, so did the number of complaints about spyware and other infections. As a result, Lakeridge Health began searching for effective security solutions.

Trend Micro-Follett Corporation

The Follett Corporation, based in Illinois, has been in business for more than a century. Currently, they generate billions in revenue each year, selling a variety of educational products to universities, libraries, and schools. The challenge the company was facing was that their existing security software was consuming an excessive amount of the wide area network’s total bandwidth. This led to a difficulty in processing credit card transactions – many were not going through.

Marshal8e6-Henrico County Public Schools

Henrico County Public Schools oversees numerous K-12 schools, as well as a small number of technical and specialty centers in the county of Henrico, Virginia. Like every organization responsible for the education and safety of young people, Henrico County Public Schools is concerned with reducing inappropriate Web surfing, as well as security risks such as spyware and phishing.

Trend Micro-Huntsville City Schools

Huntsville City Schools in Alabama is a family of K-12 learning institutions accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges. Before adopting Trend Micro products, Huntsville City Schools was dealing with a large number of virus attacks. The support being provided by the vendor of the existing security solution was inadequate, and the product in use was being discontinued. Huntsville City Schools needed an affordable, effective security solution.

PGP-BNP Paribas

Serving more than 85 countries and employing roughly 150,000, BNP Paribas has one of the largest international banking networks worldwide. With the help of PGP authorized distributor Hermitage Solutions, BNP Paribas deployed PGP Universal Gateway E-mail to secure electronic communications and PGP Universal Server to centrally manage the e-mail encryption solution.


Based in London, BRAL Limited is part of an independent firm of chartered accountants known as the Blick Rothenberg group. Clients throughout the world trust BRAL to handle their financial administration, management accounting, payroll, and other business-related tasks. The challenge BRAL was facing was that they needed to upgrade their e-mail system. Because customers send sensitive financial and payroll information to BRAL through e-mail, they felt an encryption service was essential. Some clients even stated they would not do business with BRAL unless they had an effective encryption solution in place.

Astaro-eEye Digital Security

The main difficulty faced by eEye employees before the Astaro solution was implemented was spam. Too many of these e-mails were getting through to employees, which was both reducing productivity and causing a shortage of storage space on exchange servers. Spam messages in the form of phishing attacks were increasing the amount of spyware and malware on the network.

Astaro-Greene County Board

The Greene County Board of Developmental Disabilities is an agency that specializes in providing support to those living with mental and physical disabilities and their families. The challenge the agency was facing was that their existing small network was not adequately protected. The organization’s eight users relied on a wireless broadband access point, and a wireless router was the sole form of network protection. This made the network highly vulnerable to all sorts of threats.

Astaro-South Montgomery Community School

Most schools have Internet-related concerns, and those that fall under the jurisdiction of the South Montgomery Community School Corporation are no different. Filtering Web content and blocking inappropriate Web sites have always ranked high on the list of priorities.

Axis Communications-Golf Mill Shopping Center

As vehicle traffic and the number of visitors increased, management at the Golf Mill Shopping Center felt it was necessary to introduce additional security measures to monitor the retail complex and its 89 acres of outdoor parking. Golf Mill’s management hired Secure Integrations to help address the retail center’s needs.

F5 Networks-Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City

Blue Cross Blue Shield was facing three site-related challenges. First, they wanted to improve the overall performance of their site by making it faster. Data security was another concern. Healthcare organizations in particular must take precautions to ensure networks are secure and confidential patient data is protected. Finally, the benefits provider wanted a scalable solution that would be able to accommodate increased traffic and new applications.

Sophos-Under Armour

The main challenge Under Armour was facing was that their endpoint solution was difficult to manage and had several limitations, one of them being that unwanted applications could not be blocked or prevented from launching. The company wanted a solution that would offer better security, enhanced data control, and improved threat protection.

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