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Our comprehensive guide to technology solutions implemented by channel partners in specific vertical markets.

Dell-Parks Victoria

Parks Victoria is a state authority that has the massive responsibility of preserving almost 4 million hectares of land, including sprawling national parks, unspoiled marine sanctuaries, metropolitan parks, and an array of heritage sites. This government organization was facing several challenges. First, because their operations were required by law to be environmentally friendly, they were looking for ways to further reduce their energy consumption to comply with this mandate. They also wanted to make it possible for staff members to spend more time in the field and record observations in real time.

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Dell - Acadia University

Acadia University is an undergraduate, liberal arts university with 170 years of history in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. Acadia University wanted to enable students to purchase their own laptops but needed to narrow their selection to models that would meet exacting requirements and student approval.

Dell-Cass Information Systems, Inc.

A Missouri-based company with 900 employees, Cass Information Systems, Inc. specializes in processing invoices for a multitude of freight, utility, and telecom companies. Faced with the possibility of paying for an expensive expansion of the power and cooling infrastructure in their data center, the company began looking for ways to consolidate their physical servers, which would allow them to avoid these costs.


German-based Fujicolor specializes in developing photos for customers across the country, and operates 6 photographic labs. Germans submit about 21 billion digital photos for printing each year, and Fujicolor realized at the beginning of 2007 that they would need to increase their memory and storage capacity to meet the changing needs of their customers. Their existing storage systems were already performing at their peak, so the company opted for entirely new systems.

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