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Our comprehensive guide to technology solutions implemented by channel partners in specific vertical markets.

ViewSonic-Riverside Medical Clinic

The challenge Riverside was facing was that they wanted to develop a new method for physicians to write prescriptions. Specifically, they wanted a device that would allow doctors to write electronic prescriptions right in the exam room, and then print those prescriptions or send them by e-mail or fax to the patient and/or the pharmacy.

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AutoForm specializes in developing software for major car manufacturers throughout the world. The challenge AutoForm was facing was that they needed more powerful workstations to create simulations that were as close as possible to actual production processes. AutoForm knew that the hardware they chose needed to be dependable and robust enough to handle 3D applications and run around the clock.

Dell-Cass Information Systems, Inc.

A Missouri-based company with 900 employees, Cass Information Systems, Inc. specializes in processing invoices for a multitude of freight, utility, and telecom companies. Faced with the possibility of paying for an expensive expansion of the power and cooling infrastructure in their data center, the company began looking for ways to consolidate their physical servers, which would allow them to avoid these costs.


German-based Fujicolor specializes in developing photos for customers across the country, and operates 6 photographic labs. Germans submit about 21 billion digital photos for printing each year, and Fujicolor realized at the beginning of 2007 that they would need to increase their memory and storage capacity to meet the changing needs of their customers. Their existing storage systems were already performing at their peak, so the company opted for entirely new systems.

Microsoft-Country Knolls Animal Hospital

The Country Knolls Animal Hospital is a well-established practice that has been operating in Ballston Lake, New York, for the past 30 years. When Dr. Kelly Cooper purchased the practice from the original founder in 2008, she quickly recognized that the operation was in need of a digital technology transplant. According to the new owner, the practice used virtually no technology, and basically ran on paper and pencil. She wanted to install specialized veterinary software to help her with a variety of tasks, but first she needed a network to run it on and a compatible computer operating system.


TurboSquid currently features over 250,000 3D items on their site, which contains the largest library of 3D products worldwide. Each day, some of TurboSquid’s 1.5 million members visit the site to buy and sell 3D content, exchange ideas, and locate plug-ins for 3D software applications. To properly promote TurboSquid to audiences like the Game Developer's Conference, SIGGRAPH, and Autodesk University, Perschall needed a mobile platform that could showcase the company's online marketplace. He also required a system that could be used for testing.

Intel-MDG Computers Canada Inc.

The challenge MDG Computers Canada Inc., was facing was that they needed to compete in an upcoming enterprise contract with the Canadian Federal Government. The contract required systems to comply with a detailed set of software and hardware certifications, and the company needed to quickly certify their desktop and server systems in order to have any hope of winning the contract.

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