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Our comprehensive guide to technology solutions implemented by channel partners in specific vertical markets.

Aladdin Knowledge Systems-WetStone Technologies

Established in 1997, WetStone Technologies, Inc. has made it their mission to advance digital investigation technologies and training. When WetStone began seeing their products and software being sold on eBay and other Internet auction sites, they realized that effective copy protection was essential in terms of protecting their intellectual property and maintaining their revenue. WetStone started looking for a solution that would help them protect themselves against software piracy.

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ASIERUS Inc., created in 2005 as a provider of high-end network managed services, needed to streamline its systems and gain the ability to control activities remotely to provide the potential to reallocate customer resources on-demand or as needed.

IBM - Border States Electric

Border States Electric provides a wide range of products and services for the construction, utilities, data communications and industrial sectors. It needed a new flexible ERP solution to support its strategic acquisitions strategy.

IBM - Crowley Maritime

Crowley Maritime Corp., a global provider of maritime services, needed to reposition its business operations to meet new business challenges, as well as reduce operating costs and increasing profits.

IBM - Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Cubist Pharmaceuticals, a leading bio-pharmaceuticals company, required a new system to manage clinical trials. He current system was overwhelmed, and employees couldn't share critical information.

IBM - Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

The Fashion Institute has always prided itself on focusing on the connection between education and industry. It wanted to change the way everybody from staff to students to alumni communicated with the college. At the same time, it wanted to lower costs, improve service and integrate voice into its web portal.

IBM - Levi Strauss

Levi Strauss has a global network of over 10,000 users in more then 100 countries. It wanted to enable standardized cross-platform audit and account control processes across the entire global network.

IBM - Sherifs Department of Madison County, Miss

Due to a surge in population, the Sheriffs Department had to upgrade its information systems to keep up with the maintenance and distribution of information. Diversified Computer Systems implemented a new set of applications including IBM WebSphere Application Server Community Edition.

IBM - The International Bank of Miami

The bank used a password-based authentication method that needed to be replaced because it was too complicated and difficult to manage.A solution including Secure Systems Authentication, a fingerprint recognition device, was implemented with IBM DB2 for i5/OS.

IBM - Mohawk Fine Papers

Mohawk Fine Papers was becoming more and more difficult to accommodate last-minute changes and requests to customer orders because of fast growth.

IBM - Navy Federal Credit Union

The Navy Federal Credit Union, which has over three million members, sought a way to maintain the existing business logic of its CICS applications while extending their use as web services to portals, dashboards or new web-based applications.

IBM - Victor Manufacturing

Victor Manufacturing, an auto parts manufacturer in Iowa, needed to upgrade their hardware and software solution to support customer demand as well as increase productivity and sales.


Based in New York, RVM is a company that specializes in providing document scanning, electronic discovery, and other types of litigation support services to law firms and corporate legal departments. Aside from locating needed files and documents for their clients, RVM also extracts the most relevant data contained in these files and delivers this information in a variety of formats. This company required a powerful IT infrastructure to effectively perform its duties. Work for a single case can involve gigabytes or even terabytes of data.

IBM-Celebrity Ventures, Inc.

Based in Buffalo, New York, Celebrity Ventures is a food service management company that has experienced great success in the sports-themed dining niche. Two restaurants are extremely busy on game days. The higher than normal volume often caused the point of sale systems, which were slow in the first place, to crash.

Microsoft-Country Knolls Animal Hospital

The Country Knolls Animal Hospital is a well-established practice that has been operating in Ballston Lake, New York, for the past 30 years. When Dr. Kelly Cooper purchased the practice from the original founder in 2008, she quickly recognized that the operation was in need of a digital technology transplant. According to the new owner, the practice used virtually no technology, and basically ran on paper and pencil. She wanted to install specialized veterinary software to help her with a variety of tasks, but first she needed a network to run it on and a compatible computer operating system.

Voltage Security-Integro Insurance Brokers

Integro is an insurance brokerage and risk management firm that specializes in providing complex risk management solutions. Before the company opened its doors in 2005, they had to plan their IT strategy and architecture. For Integro, one of the highest priorities was to have an e-mail system that would allow for secure communication between clients, partners, and internal staff.


Highly popular and extremely successful, Newsweek is one of the largest weekly news magazines in the country in terms of circulation and ad revenue, second only to Time. To produce its magazine, Newsweek relies on hundreds of desktops, laptops, and servers located at news bureaus and offices throughout the world. The challenge the company was facing was that it had outgrown its existing systems management tools. A solution that would meet the organization’s current needs and accommodate future growth was required.

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