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Our comprehensive guide to technology solutions implemented by channel partners in specific vertical markets.

Lantronix-Secura Key

A few years ago, Secura Key developed SK-ACP, an access control panel for entry/exit management. To allow the initial version of SK-ACP to connect to a network, Secura Key relied on the Lantronix UDS1100 external device server. The security company, however, wanted to upgrade their product to have embedded networking capability so it could offer both wired and wireless remote management.

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Cisco - First Community Bank

First Community Bank operates 64 retail branches in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Utah. The bank needed a new flexible communications platform to meet the needs of its growing and expanding branches and employees.

Cisco - Seyfer Automotive Inc

The company wanted to increase revenue by improving staff productivity, reduce cost, simplify administration of voice and network equipment and enhance customer service.

Oracle - GlobalConnect, LLC

Global Connect provides high performance secure hosting services. The company sought to create a highly scalable and secure data infrastructure for its growing client base. It also wanted the capability to deliver rapid searches to customers and to have flexible security options to meet the needs of clients.

Oracle - LA Weight Loss Centers

L A Weight Loss sought to automate manual processes and upgrade legacy systems that were strained by rapid growth. The company also wanted to ensure 24/7 secure access to both customers and employees and expand its business to include an online service directory business model. Finally, the legacy point-of-sale (POS) system needed to be seamlessly integrated with a new enterprise platform.

Oracle - Polaris World

Polaris World develops golf resorts and needed to create an IT infrastructure that could optimize efficiency and support the companies rapid growth and diverse business activities.

Juniper Networks - Alaska Legislative Affairs Agency

The Alaska Legislative Affairs Agency provides networking and IT support to the 500 employees of the Alaska State Legislature. It wanted a low-cost highly secure network solution that would function efficiently no matter where or how the user was connected to the network.

Oracle - OVISO Manufacturing

The client needed to find a way to expedite the implementation of new IT infrastructure within six months while completing its spinoff from ESCO Corp. Officials desired a scalable solution to meet aggressive growth targets snf needed to provide IT expertise without the costs and challenges of building an extensive in-house IT team.

VMWare - Adlink

Adlink is a company that sells advertising in the Los Angeles area, across forty-four different cable networks. What they needed was a solution to maximize efficiencies of current IT operations without increasing overall costs.

VMWare - Accountants Inc

Accountants Inc. is a 350 person firm that provides companies with temporary or permanent financial talent, as needed. The challenge that Accountants Inc., were facing was that the company needed to move beyond the limitations of the single-server to single-application model they had been using.

3COM - House Ear Institute

House Ear Institute (HEI) is an internationally recognized non-profit research organization based in Los Angeles. Known for its contributions to auditory science, HEI's 180 employees require a fast, reliable communications infrastructure. Until recently HEI's 10/100 Ethernet headquarters network lacked the speed researchers needed to transfer files between offices and other research centers, resulting in bottle-necks that hampered staff's productivity.

Microsoft-Del Monte Foods

Del Monte Foods, a California-based company that began operations in 1916, produces, markets, and distributes a variety of foods and pet products for the U.S. retail market. Because so many of Del Monte’s customers still submit orders by fax, the company needed an efficient and reliable fax server solution that would integrate with their existing Microsoft IT infrastructure.

IBM-The North Face

The North Face produces performance apparel, equipment, and footwear for serious athletes. The challenge the company was facing was that they wanted to launch a Web site so they could begin selling their popular merchandise directly to customers.

IBM-Metabasis Therapeutics, Inc.

A biopharmaceutical company, Metabasis Therapeutics, Inc. specializes in discovering, developing, and commercializing drug treatments for metabolic and liver diseases. The challenge this company was facing was that they wanted to accelerate the drug discovery process through the development of more accurate and easier-to-use methods. The company attempted to address this issue by creating Free Energy Perturbation (FEP)-based computer-aided drug design (CADD) software. After the creation of their powerful software, Metabasis then needed to find a robust computing environment that would facilitate its FEP calculations.

Zeus Technology-GreatSchools

GreatSchools was founded by a former teacher in 1998. An independent non-profit organization, GreatSchools helps parents choose the best schools for their children and encourages them to get more involved in their children’s education. As traffic to the organization's site continued to grow, GreatSchools had to deal with rising bandwidth costs. They began searching for a way to better handle their bandwidth usage, but wanted a solution that would run on top of their current operating system and wouldn’t require additional hardware, rack space, or power.

Pillar Data Systems-Plaxo

Headquartered in California, Plaxo, Inc. helps its over five million members stay connected with family and friends. Not surprisingly, data storage is a major concern for this ever-growing company. When their initial 3-TB of data grew to over 75-TB in just a few months, the company began searching for a high performance system that could scale rapidly to meet their increasing data storage needs.

Autodesk-Sight Entertainment

Located in Santa Monica, California, Sight Entertainment specializes in creating high-end visual effects for the entertainment industry. After a single demonstration of Autodesk Smoke, Sight Entertainment knew that the software would be part of its future growth. Sight was thoroughly impressed by the editing and compositing capabilities of this advanced program.


Like many companies, Prinova stores important information about customers and other data related to operations on its servers. The business originally used a traditional daily tape backup, but concerns about costs, errors, and whether this method would allow for effective disaster recovery led Prinova to begin looking for a new backup solution. They wanted a user-friendly system that would effectively safeguard the security and integrity of customer data.

Xerox-Variable Image Printing

Variable Image Printing (VIP) is a successful printing company with two locations in southern California. The main challenge that Variable Image Printing was facing was that their clients' demands were changing. VIP's customers wanted shorter runs, faster turnaround times, and different versions of jobs. The company’s current facilities and equipment were inadequate to meet these demands.

Xerox-Berlin Law Firm

The Berlin Law Firm is a smaller firm located in Burbank, California. The California law office was facing several printing-related challenges. Most law offices have very high print volumes, and Berlin Law is no exception. In fact, lawyers here may go through several boxes of paper when preparing for a single case, something that can obviously put a strain on the office supplies budget.

IBM-Onyx Pharmaceuticals

Forecasting, budgeting, and planning are crucial to daily operations at Onyx Pharmaceuticals. The company used Microsoft Excel for some time for budgeting tasks, but eventually realized that its use as a budgeting application had been exhausted. Onyx needed to find a replacement application that was flexible, would reduce the company’s reliance on spreadsheets, and would encourage all members of the company to play a role in financial planning.

F5 Networks-American Internet Services

The challenge AIS was facing was that they were receiving a substantial number of complaints from customers about slow e-mail delivery and spam messages. The company needed to find a solution that would speed up e-mail delivery and reduce the volume of spam that reached customer and employee in-boxes.

Astaro-eEye Digital Security

The main difficulty faced by eEye employees before the Astaro solution was implemented was spam. Too many of these e-mails were getting through to employees, which was both reducing productivity and causing a shortage of storage space on exchange servers. Spam messages in the form of phishing attacks were increasing the amount of spyware and malware on the network.

ViewSonic-Riverside Medical Clinic

The challenge Riverside was facing was that they wanted to develop a new method for physicians to write prescriptions. Specifically, they wanted a device that would allow doctors to write electronic prescriptions right in the exam room, and then print those prescriptions or send them by e-mail or fax to the patient and/or the pharmacy.

F5 Networks-Joyent

Joyent is an open cloud computing vendor with more than 25,000 customers. The challenge Joyent was facing was that they needed to find a way to offer flexible, highly scalable open cloud computing that was also application aware. To do this, they needed to consider the core architecture of their cloud computing system.

Lantronix-Spectrum CNC Technologies

With the assistance of a Lantronix design engineer, Spectrum decided to combine its proprietary software with the Lantronix MatchPort b/g to create the Spectrum WiBox. This new and improved solution wirelessly connected computer numerical controlled (CNC) machines using IEEE 802.11 b/g networks.

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