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Our comprehensive guide to technology solutions implemented by channel partners in specific vertical markets.


The challenges being faced by At-Bristol were similar to other facilities that contain public computers. While certain Web sites are blocked, At-Bristol’s computer users are essentially free to search for any information they wish. Computers were routinely becoming infected with viruses, spyware, and other malware as a result.

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Dell - Kent Police

The Kent Police Authority is one of 43 police authorities in England and Wales established by Parliament for the governance of policing at a local level. The authority's IT infrastructure was five years old, and with this system, the Kent Police experienced performance issues that delayed retrieval of information. Additionally, a lack of scalability meant support costs were becoming more expensive. The Kent Police needed a scalable and powerful solution to run its business-critical application. To do this, Dell, SAP and Novell collaborated closely to put forward a complete solution for the Kent Police Authority.

Microsoft-Norton Rose

Norton Rose LLP is a very large legal practice with offices in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. The challenge the company was facing was that they had to find a way to reduce the amount of time individuals spent locating information.

Citrix-Reed Specialist Recruitment

In 2005, Reed Specialist Recruitment began to seek out ways to improve its overall IT use. Specifically, they were hoping to cut spending by 20 percent. They also desired a flexible solution that would support rapid growth, allow for the rollout of new offices, reduce the company's carbon footprint, and help them connect with potential clients throughout the world and win new contracts.

GigaSpaces-Virgin Mobile UK

Virgin Mobile is the largest mobile virtual network operator in the United Kingdom. The company employs about 1,700 individuals, and has an ever-growing customer base. The challenge that was being faced by Virgin Mobile UK was one that most companies would welcome: skyrocketing growth. They realized that their traditional server-based architecture would need to be replaced to avoid system outages and accommodate fluctuating changes in demand. The company needed to maintain continuous availability, especially during critical sales periods like the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Zeus Technology-Play.com

Play.com is an online shopping site that sells a variety of products, including games, books, electronics, and software. As Play.com continued to grow, the company began looking for a way to replace the existing Microsoft Network Load Balancers with a product that would permit the Internet retailer to scale up its e-commerce capacity at any time by as many servers as needed.

Xerox-Richfield Graphics

Richfield Graphics has been providing excellent service to their many clients for more than 25 years. To keep up with customer demand for shorter run lengths and faster turnarounds, Richfield introduced digital color printing services in 2005. As the number of print jobs per day grew, processing and managing them became difficult, and bottlenecks in workflow occurred frequently. Richfield Graphics recognized that in order to ensure continued customer satisfaction, they needed to find a way to improve workflow efficiency.

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