IBM Channel Partners Enlist Social Commerce to Build Retail Solutions

August 26, 2009

D.H. Kass

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Leila Ashley, CrossView marketing manager, said that putting the customer at the center of the shopping experience—a concept the solution provider calls customer centricity—promotes consumer involvement and drives growth.

“Customer centricity improves loyalty, drives down operational costs and improves the bottom line,” Ashley said. “With cross channel solutions, there’s a single view of orders, promotions, marketing—it’s a solution that allows you to operate how customers are shopping,” she said.

“Moosejaw can see customer buying habits from multiple sales channels in a single on-screen view,” Ashley said. “Customers move through the buying experience with no barriers—whether they purchased from mobile, the Web, a call center or POS—Moosejaw has a common voice to the customer.”

Pluck, which lists IBM as a technology partner, assists clients with building web site traffic by leveraging social commerce. The solution provider believes that by integrating social media with product sales and marketing, companies can better connect with their customers and, correspondingly, boost sales.

Pluck boasts an impressive client list that includes Major League Baseball, Whole Foods Market, McGraw-Hill Information & Media Group, Conde Nast and the National Football League, among other heavyweights.

“Pluck has developed a social shopping experience that is driven by a customer’s active participation in the community,” said IBM’s Carter. “Unlike other social platform solutions where community is a separate silo, Pluck has tightly integrated the social experience with online shopping and extended it to capitalize on popular social communities such as Facebook, MySpace and blogs.”

Carter said that IBM, through its Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) program that includes some 7,500 members, supports channel partners building solutions that integrate social media. Both MVM and CrossView’s solutions are developed on IBM’s WebSphere platform, she said.

“Our goal is to help partners get the skills they need to use social media, including sales, marketing and technical resources, to help them grow their business,” Carter said. “Ultimately, our partners build their industry solutions on top of IBM hardware, software and services, and we are investing in their success.”

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