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Google Inc. recently said that it has added a Premier level to its channel program as a step above its Auth Read More

Cloud security vendors CloudLock, Backupify and LTech said that they have combined Read More

Apple Computer Inc.'s iPhone still commands a strong position in business accounts contrary to a spate of reports that show it rapidly losing ground, and in some cases, being eclipsed by devices Read More

About a third of consumers who plan to buy a new smartphone are lining up for Android-based devices, a notable gain for Google Inc.'s OS from its market position just a few short months ago, acco Read More

A recent report from IHS Inc.'s iSuppli, a U.K.-based researcher, predicted that shipments of media tablets, such as Apple Computer Inc.'s Read More

HP TippingPoint said that its fifth annual Pwn2Own hacking competition, scheduled for March 9 - 11 in Vancouver, B.C. durin Read More

Google Inc. said that since this past April it has doubled the number of resellers participating in its nearly Read More

Google Inc. recently said that it is a 37.5 percent initial equity investor in a project to develop wind energy off of the mid-Atlantic coastline. The Read More

Three years ago, Google Inc. said that it intended to become carbon neutral by reducing its energy consumptio Read More

Ballmer Calls Google A "Behemoth"

At this year's eighth D: All Things Digital conference, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft Corp.'s chief executive, called rival Google Inc. a "behemoth," a term us Read More

Google Inc. employees are complaining about security issues surrounding Microsoft Corp.'s Windows operating system, contending that weaknesses in the software exposed the search giant to attacks by Ch Read More

Google Inc. marked this week's National Small Business Week--an event proclaimed by every U.S. president since 1963 to acknowledge the impact th Read More

Google Inc. said that it will lay $68.2 million in cash, or $2.12 per share, on the table for Global IP Solutions Inc.(GIPS), a San Francisco, CA-based provider of voice and video over IP networks. Read More

Less than two months ago Google Inc. began talking about a grand experiment it planned to undertake--to deliver ultra fast broadband services--at speeds up to 1 gigabit per second, basically 100 times Read More

Google Inc. closed its China website, a scant two months after threatening to do so over a censorship dispute with the Chinese government officials, and redirected users to an uncensored search engine Read More

Can Google Outsmart the Smartphone?

Now that Apple's new iPhone has dominated the high-tech industry landscape this week, the real question is: what comes next? Will the sleek, slick "zippy" (as Steve Jobs termed it) device make it i Read More

Microsoft has announced a cash rebate plan that would award its search engine users who actua Read More

There's a superb, must-read article published today by John Dvorak on Read More

Can Google Save Wi-Fi?

Service providers seem to be throwing in the towel on Wi-Fi (or at least the municipal flavor of it). That's one reason why Google deserves some praise for its new " Read More

Now that the proposed Microsoft deal for Yahoo seems more likely to happen, attention is turning to the potential impact it would have on the Web. Eric Schmidt, the CEO of chief rival Google, Read More